Two Hungry Ghosts Chart (October 2020)

Various charts covering forthcoming promos, new releases, forgotten gems and timeless inspirations.

Dave Sector – Two Hungry Ghosts (October 2020 Chart)

J Majik – Your Sound [Photek & Digital VIP] (Infrared)
Source Direct – Street Wars/Diamonds [Previously Unreleased] (Self-Release)
Venom – Dreadnox (AKO Beatz)
DYL – Acvatic LP (Forthcoming Diffuse Reality)
Karim Maas & Outer Heaven – The Force (Forthcoming UVB-76)
SK-1 – Shockout Fass [X-Altera Remix] (Forthcoming Sneaker Social Club)
Dominic Ridgway, Stratowerx & Magugu – When I’m On [Constrict Remix] (Forthcoming Regression Media)
Margari’s Kid – Serotonin (Forthcoming Dead Trax)
Kyam – Duplicity [Homemade Weapons Remix] (Forthcoming Unbidden Audio)
Forest Drive West – Para (Forthcoming Sneaker Social Club)
Type – Cola Cube (Forthcoming Sweet Box)
J Majik – The Whistle Song (Infrared)
Eusebeia – Infinity (Forthcoming Earthtrax)
John Rolodex – The Rainmaker/Interdimensional Espionage (Metalheadz)
Friske – Untitled Killa (Forthcoming Metalheadz)
Mikal – Breaks And Pads (Forthcoming Metalheadz)
4hero – Universal Love [Previously Unreleased Internal Affairs Remix] (United World Music)
Martyn & Om Unit – The Passenger EP (Forthcoming 3024)
Hagan – Ultra (Gobstopper)
Hartta – If You (Forthcoming Dead Trax)

John Rolodex – Machinist/Metalheadz (October 2020 Chart)

Dioptrics – Kirin (Forthcoming Machinist)
RMS – Leaving (?)
SDS – Black Water (Forthcoming Machinist)
Sureshock – Heavy Metal (Forthcoming Machinist)
HLZ – Polar Dreams (Metalheadz)
Mikal – Metalwork (Forthcoming Metalheadz)
Friske – Untitled Killa (Forthcoming Metalheadz)
Goldie – I Think Of You [Digital And Spirit Remix] (Metalheadz)
Hex – Slug Proof (Free Love)
John Rolodex And Embers of Light – Fever Dream (?)

Mister Shifter – Artikal Music UK/Skeleton Recordings (October 2020 Chart)

San – Half In (Forthcoming Rua Sound)
Sully – Memories (Astrophonica)
LSN – Join Em [Mister Shifter Remix] (Forthcoming Artikal Music UK)
Tellus Featuring Akuratyde – Down River (Modern Conveniences)
Blind Prophet X Mister Shifter – Nice Now (Forthcoming Aufect Platinum)
Pete Cannon – It’s Like Ecstasy (AKO Beatz)
J Majik – Your Sound [Natural Born Killaz & Digital Remix] (Infrared Records)
John Rolodex Featuring Khadija – The Rainmaker (Metalheadz)
X Nation – Lightning Message (Self-Released)
Quartz & Patwan – Brass Knuckles (Forthcoming Metalheadz)

Rawtrachs – Futurepast Zine (October 2020 Chart)

Between Walls – Somewhere Else (Futurepast Zine & Modern Urban Jazz)
Wooda – Revive (SYN12)
Sun People – Hyph Mngo [Edit/Booty] (?)
Aybee – Wind Speak (Deepblak)
Skin Teeth – Saxon Street (Club Glow)
Zeki 808 – Live Wire (Illian Tape)
dYstance – Let’s Go (Top Drawer Digital)
Dark0 – Evisu (Gobstopper Records)
SLVJ – La Charca Dub (SLVJ)
Abra – Pull Up (True Panther)

Selectabwoy – Mixtape DJ/Sample Digger (10 Tunes That Helped Me Through 2020)

Pure Science – Drifting (Strictly Jungle)
Senses – All Over (Subtle Audio)
G-Force – Proximity [ASC Remix] (Free Download)
Ilk – Future Shapes (Self Released)
FFF – It Began In Man’s Mind (Myor)
Dan Curtin – Parallel (Peacefrog)
AFX- tha2 [World Scam Mix] (Self Released)
Apogee – Inside Above (Peacefrog)
The Black Dog – 4.7.8. (GPR)
Merking 9-5 – Biggie Smith X Robert Smalls [The Cure Done Changed] (Unofficial)

Dominic Ridgway – Regression Media (October 2020 Chart)

Sicknote – Coiled Miracle (RGNMLTD003)
Sicknote – Set The Pendulum (RGNMLTD003)
Jaskin & Uneven – Kaleidoscope (none60)
Antagonist – Through The Ages (Discipline)
Wagz – Lotus Flower (none60)
Lakeway – Crystal Waters (Diffrent)
Brand New Trumpets – The Workers (Diffrent)
Grappa – Stoneface (Stereocilia)
Zych – Die Wilden [Broken Promise Remix] (Urban Poetry)
Itti – Facts (A.W.R.A)

Tom – Resonant Frequency (October 2020 Chart)

Aver – An Ode to Joey Deez LP (Village Live)
Noya Rao – Stay EP (Self Released)
Richard Spaven and Sandunes – Spaven X Sandunes LP (K7 Music)
Eusebeia – Methods of Revival (Cymbalize)
Boddika – Walk Talk EP (Nonplus)
Ego Ella May – Honey For Wounds LP (Upper Room Records)
Funkonami – Deep Into Space LP (Village Live)
Jaskin And Uneven – Ashes/Kaleidoscope (none60)
Mark Kloud – Moonquake LP (Exkursions)
Neil Landstrumm – Chincy EP (Exit Records)

alg0rh1tm – Onset Audio/Din Is Noise (Eclectic Chart)

Valance Drakes – Led By The Beheaded One [Feast On Your Hopes] (laaps)
Mark Kloud – A Matter Of Time (Exkursions)
Eusebeia – Revival (Cymbalize)
Books – Mech (Fight Or Flight)
wb41 – Night Shift (Self Released)
Molez – Tiszta Emlék (Self Released)
Big Brave – Sibling (Southern Lord)
RQ – Interplay (Blu Mar Ten Music)
IRAH – Siu Hinama (Tambourhinoceros)
Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones – Le Implacable Gentilhommiere (Denovali)

Aaren – AGN7 Audio (October 2020 Chart)

dgohn – Tinsle (Analogical Force)
Nikitch & Kuna Maze – The Leak [Domu X Sonar’s Ghost Epic Remix] (Tru Thoughts)
Calculon & Rainforest – Homeboy Jungle (Forthcoming Shoot Recordings)
Indigo Virus – Oblivion (Forthcoming AGN7 Audio)
Indigo Virus – Resonance Cascade (Forthcoming AGN7 Audio)
Kamikaze Space Programme – Broken Glass (System Revival Recordings)
X-Altera – New Harbinger (Sneaker Social Club)
Trinity Carbon – International Bassline (Art-E-Fax)
Sully – Memories (Astrophonica)
Krust – Constructive Ambiguity (Crosstown Rebels)

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