THG Mix Series Volume 6: Moll+ – Into The Rift (Part 2)

This edition of the THG Mix Series sees Moll+ from Detach Recordings soundtrack the 2020 experience. A year containing several point of no return moments, and catastrophe after catastrophe. Blending personal favourites from 2020, as well as highlights from the past, Moll+ has created a raw and often unsettling journey, featuring music by Pessimist, DYL and Forest Drive West.

Beginning with distorted voices and piercing drones, the selection then builds towards strange melodies and technoid percussion before ending with a serene moment of optimism and hope for the future.

“Into The Rift 2” continues our voyage into the deeper realms of drum and bass and halftime, launched back in January by Anomalies.

Links: Detach Recordings / Anomalies – Into The Rift

THG Mix Series Volume 6: Moll+ – Into The Rift [Part 2] (Tracklist)

Yen Tech – Acceleratus (SVBKVLT)
DYL – Phrases (Detach Recordings)
Yves De Mey – The Scheldt (Archives Intérieures)
Books – Anomie (Melody of the Infinite) (Detuned Transmissions)
Emptyset – Armature (Raster-Noton)
Mike Parker – The Demon’s Platform (Spazio Disponibile)
DYL & DB1– Uniformity Of Nature (Detach Recordings)
Talker – Cut The Weight (Downwards)
Pessimist – No Fxxxing Soul (Ilian Tape)
Simon Shreeve – Healing Bowl (Downwards)
Forest Drive West – Terminus (R&S Records)
Aquarian – Tarp2 (Bedouin Records)
Bokeh – Defocus, Decrease, Dilate (Mirae Arts)
Bokeh – Several Decades Of Depression (UVB-76 Music)
SØS Gunver Ryberg – 1170 Siva (Bare Bones) (Contort)
Forest Drive West – Void Control (R&S Records)
Deadbeat – Walls & Dimensions IA (BLKRTZ)
Porn Sword Tobacco – Untitled (D) (Acido Records)
Andrea – TP (Ilian Tape)
Moll+ – Beyond Range (Detach Recordings)

THG Mix Series Volume 5: Daniel Maunick – Forgotten Worlds 93-96 Jungle

The fifth volume of the THG mix series sees a welcome return to Daniel Maunick, aka Venom. After the rapturous response to his “Late Nights At Speed 94-96” mix last year, Daniel once again fixes his gaze firmly on the past blending a fine selection of 93-96 jungle.

Covering an eclectic array of tracks, “Forgotten Worlds” captures the exhilarating sound of the 90s. Confirming to this day there are still new tracks to discover (or rediscover) and plenty of unheard dubs still to draw.

Including classics by DJ Ron and Foul Play, groundbreaking releases by Deep Blue and Krust right through to unreleased curiosities like the Dubplate Rollers Mix of “Say It” by Photek and the V.I.P. of Hidden Agenda’s “Flute Tune”.

You can check an interview with Daniel here, covering early jungle, broken beat and his productions.

THG Mix Series Volume 5: Daniel Maunick – Forgotten Worlds 93-96 Jungle (Tracklist)

DJ Ron – Mo Musik (African Lover Mix)
Sounds Of Life – Currents
Deep Blue – Thursday
FBD Project – She’s So (Revisited)
Funky Technicians – Day By Day
Dance Conspiracy – Dub War ’94 Remix (DJ Pulse & Professor Stretch Remix)
Roni Size & DJ Die – Agility Remix
DJ Ruffkutt & Bizzy B – 100 Degrees
Fast Floor – Timeless
Unknown Face – Step Down
Jammin’ Unit – Totally Unintelligent (Plug Remix)
Photek – Say It (Dubplate Rollers Mix)
Jonny L – Sam
DJ Pulse – Let You In (Wax Doctor Remix)
Baraka – I’ll Be There
Essence Of Aura – Northern Lights
Heavyweight – I Start To Cry
Danny C – Gamblers Deal
Dillinja & Mystery – Moods
Simon Bassline Smith – Midnite
Peshay – Endless Thoughts
PFM – Dreams
Foul Play – Being With You (Remix)
Hidden Agenda – Flute Tune (V.I.P.)
Dillinja – You
Krust – Jazz Note
Universal – Live Session
Octave One – Chillin Out (Deleted Mix)
Cold Mission – Dreamers
Rogue Unit – Dance Of The Sarooes
DJ Crystl – Give It Up
System EX – Say It
Flatliner – No Boundaries
Lucida – Tunnel Vision

Links: Bandcamp / Interview / Speed Mix / Broken Beat Mix

Dave Sector – Vykhod Sily Guestmix (February 2020)

I was recently asked to put together a guest mix for Vykhod Sily, the weekly Russian podcast series put together by Rustee focusing on 170/85BPM music.

This 90-minute selection features new releases, forthcoming tracks, unsigned demos, movie skits and sample sources.

From the slow-burning “Osiris” and “Black Sphere” to the techno charged “Temple” and “The Silent Knight”, I’ve tried to make the mix a journey into the more experimental realms of modern drum and bass covering a variety of moods and grooves.

I hope you find something you enjoy.

Dave Sector – Vykhod Sily Guestmix (February 2020) Tracklist

Bluematter – Crystal (Western Lore Limited)
House On Haunted Hill – Party Rules (Skit)
Synkro – Osiris (Synkro Music)
Sun People – Black Sphere (Rua Sound)
Loxy, Resound And Skeptical – X-Riddim (Cylon Recordings)
Tuscan – Temple (Inception Audio)
Special Forces – Freeway 200 [Bootlegus] (Unofficial)
Loxy And Resound – The Silent Knight (Cylon Recordings)
Amit – Wake Dub (AMAR)
Thug Widow – Blunt End Of The Heel (Western Lore)
LCP – Undiluted / Clairvoyance (re:st)
Pessimist – Thug (UVB-76)
Paracusia – Graveyard Shift [Homemade Weapons Remix] (Onset Audio)
DYL – The New Kid (???)
DYL – Morph (Two Hungry Ghosts)
RQ – New Earth (???)
Pessimist – Burundanga (UVB-76)
Out Of Fuel – Zero System (Ronin Ordinance)
Sicknote – Ruck (Ronin Ordinance)
Barefoot – Mývatn (re:st)
House On Haunted Hill – Pet Ghosts (Skit)
The Abyss – Slow And Easy Going In (Skit)
Michael Franks – Monkey See Monkey Do Japan [Live Intro] (Not On Label)
RPM – 2000 (Mo Wax)
Brian Eno – Final Sunset (EMI)
Tangerine Dream – The Dream Is Always the Same (Virgin)

Links: Facebook Page / Facebook Group / Soundcloud

THG Mix Series Volume 4: Anomalies – Into The Rift

For the fourth volume in the THG mix series, we head to Sheffield for a vinyl-only selection of dark halftime and fierce breaks blended by Anomalies.

Focusing on the grittier side of modern jungle and 170 has resulted in him playing at both UVB-76 (White Hotel) and Metalheadz (Hope Works) nights as well as headline slots at more intimate events. This mix is inspired by performing at three private functions, spinning some of his favourite tracks on big sound-systems.

Heavy and relentless it sees the talented selector fusing tracks from some of our favourite producers including DB1, Pessimist, Forest Drive West, Homemade Weapons and Holsten. Mixed with energy this is a journey into the deeper realms of drum and bass, one for the heads.

As well as performing, the DJ has also set up Anomalies, a new place in Sheffield to hear sounds across the 170/85 spectra, the night will showcase underground artists who are helping to shape the future of the genre.

Prepare to enter the rift.

Links: Facebook / Instagram

THG Mix Series Volume 4: Anomalies – Into The Rift (Tracklist)

DB1 – Duppy Pulse (UVB-76)
The Untouchables – Thorium ft. Homemade Weapons (Samurai)
Torn – Escape (Weaponry)
Holsten – Momentum (Droogs)
Djinn – Destructive Consequence (Foundation X)
Pessimist – No Matter What ft. Overlook (Blackest Ever Black)
Holsten – Abscess (Droogs)
X Nation – Every Time (Rupture)
Homemade Weapons – Lingchi ft. Artilect (Samurai)
Ahmad & Akinsa – Delusions (Rupture)
Torn – Never Mind (Samurai)
Forest Drive West – Fiorna 161 (Rupture)
Champa B – Catacombs (Holotype Audio)
Homemade Weapons – Heretics ft. Torana (Samurai)
Response & Pliskin – Raging Bull (Skeleton)
B-Key – Man of Science (Scientific Wax)

A THGXTMID Mix: Mattic – Cloverfield Mansion [Act 1] X A Madlib Invasion (Dilla & Mattic Mixtape)

Next, on the Two Hungry Ghosts X Tell Me I’m Dreaming mixtape series we have American born, MC and sound explorer, Mattic AKA Dr Outer AKA The Ghost In The Machine, who now lives in the hills of Le Harve, France.

Mattic and I first met online in 2012 after the release of his debut solo album “The Abstract Convention”, since then he has released music under various aliases and guises with numerous appearances and collaborations as well as a second LP on Phonosauras titled “The Adventures Of Doctor Outer”.

What has always struck me about Mattic is how prolific and humble he is. A quick glance at Discogs will lead you to think he hasn’t released much music and a Google search won’t reveal much either. He will pop up on social media for a few weeks then disappear deleting any content. Our conversations often revolve around a shared vision of the world, a rejection of the importance of social media stats and sharing nerdy music knowledge, soundbites and sample sources. I’m privileged to be part of a small trusted crew who are allowed into his unreleased music vaults, covering countless full albums, mixtapes with bespoke lyrics, demos, collaborations and even a vocal reinterpretation of Madlibs “Rock Koducta” LP.

Fuelled by a strong passion to create and a desire to be “close to a few rather than part of the zoo” its rare these projects see the light of day, locked down to personal Dropbox folders with rare WeTransfer shares via DM’s and email exchanges. It’s with great pleasure I can bring you this mixtape of Dilla and Madlib beats complete with original rhymes, skits and vocal sound design crafted by Mattic. Made purely for pleasure, not for profit and out of deep love and respect for the producers enjoy this rare glimpse into the creative world of Doctor Outer…

THG Mix Series Volume 3: Yorobi – Tales Of An Onna-Bugeisha

The THG Mix Series continues with this selection titled “Tales Of An Onna-Bugeisha” by Yorobi. Sixty minutes of intricate, eclectic and emotive drum and bass featuring new and unreleased music by Om Unit, Ricky Force and Sun People.

A resident DJ on Jungletrain, Yorobi meticulously blends new styles of modern jungle. Yorobi is also a producer, with forthcoming releases on Parallax and Disc World, alongside Tim Reaper.

This mix is more of a drum and bass selection than what she would normally play, taking an opportunity to craft a set that people may not expect from her.

You can catch Yorobi playing at Rupture when the iconic club night visits Amsterdam on 27th December performing alongside Loxy, Sully, Mantra, Double O and Coco Bryce.

Featuring in the mix is “Drum Tree” by Tim Reaper and Yorobi, an exclusive vinyl release, only available as a reward to backers of the Disc World crowdfunding project on Kickstarter. The campaign is the brainchild of Lewis “Sicknote” and Chris “Dexta”, aiming to raise funds to open a record store and Dubplate cutting studio in Lewisham, London.

THG Mix Series Volume 3: Yorobi – Tales Of An Onna-Bugeisha (Tracklist)

Sun People – Black Sphere (Forthcoming Rua Sound)
Atiq & EnK – Relativity (Forthcoming Mindtrick Records)
Jaskin & Uneven – Safe Edge
Resound – Forgot Why [Stone Cold Mix]
Pessimist – Burundanga
Outer Heaven – The Last Men
Shiken Hanzo – Maya Warfare
Om Unit – Timelines [Mahakala VIP] (Forthcoming Metalheadz)
AQXDM – The Good Days Are Tomorrow
Rainforest – Nine Nine Riddim
Cool Hand Flex – Hardline
Ricky Force – Make It Right [Dead Mans Chest Raw 94 Remix] (Forthcoming Repertoire)
Tim Reaper – Second Chance [Sonar’s Ghost Remix] (Forthcoming Repertoire)
Sicknote – Grand Luce (Forthcoming Sonic Force)
Special Request – Stairfoot Lane Bunker
Hoover 1 – 2b1
Boddika – Soul What [Sideswipe VIP]
Sam Binga x ONHELL – A Mighty Quest
Wheez-ie – OG Deth
The Juke Of Juke – High Plains Trouble Maker
Tim Reaper And Yorobi – Drum Tree (Forthcoming Disc World)
Selecta 5-7 – Dubplate Special
DLX – Sumtin Like This
Fine Feline – Weekend [Ricky Force Remix] (Forthcoming Parallax Recordings)
Globex Corp – Vol. 6 A1 [Equinox Remix] (Forthcoming Globex Corp)

Links: Mixcloud / Soundcloud

A THGXTMID Mix: Daniel Venom Maunick – Foundations (Broken Beat Mixtape)

Daniel Maunick presents “Foundations”, key and influential bruk tracks selected and mixed by Far Out’s in-house producer. Daniel, aka Venom, has been a key part of recent albums by legends Azymuth and Marcos Valle, as well as producing broken sounds under the name Viper Squad.

Obsessed by jungle in his teens, he turned his attentions to a fresh and emerging sound from West London at the turn of the millennium. Much like the jungle scene this new style was based on dirty bass, broken beats, warm Rhodes and scattered snares.

Fuelled by artists like IG Culture, Afronaught, Phil Asher and a wealth of drum and bass pioneers at the helm, this new culture fused jungle, house, soul, boogie, latin and jazz resulting in some of the most exciting and futuristic music to come out of London.

This selection features music from drum and bass protagonist’s 4hero (both Marc Mac and Dego in a variety of guises) and Sonar Circle (Domu) as well some of the scenes most important artists including IG, Jazzanova, Kaidi Tatham and the Bugz In The Attic crew.

Daniels debut solo album “Macumba Quebrada” is out now on Far Out Recordings.

Daniel Venom Maunick – Foundations (Broken Beat) Tracklist

New Sector Movements – Anthem
Dapp – First Off (Dub Version)
Dego And IG Featuring Face – Searchin’
Critical Point Featuring Vikter Duplaix – Messages (Main Mix)
Daz-I-Kue Featuring RED – Soon Come (Afronaught Remix)
Pavel Kostiuk – Starlight Express
Voom Voom – Poppen
Jazzanova Featuring Vikter Duplaix – That Night
Nepa Allstars – The Way
Champion Soul – Watcha’ Got
Neon Phusion – The Future Ain’t The Same
Cousin Cockroach – This Ain’t Tom & Jerry
Domu Featuring Face – Save It
Ibex – Oasis
Moonstarr – Gluttony
Afronaut – Transcend Me
Ayro – Let This (Original Mix)
Aquanote – Only
Vikter Duplaix – Sensuality
Da One Away – Trash Da Junk
Ian Pooley – Whatz My Number (Jazzanova Remix)
Agent K – Ladies
Moonstarr – Greed (Remix)
Vikter Duplaix – Manhood
Cold Mission – Drug Store Rudebwoy (Nu-Era Remix)

Link: Bandcamp

THG Mix Series Volume 2: Daniel Maunick – Late Nights At Speed 94-96

The second part of our THG mix series is by producer and DJ, Daniel Maunick otherwise known as Venom. With connections to labels ranging from Ibiza Records to Talkin Loud, Daniel was heavily involved in the 90s drum and bass scene producing his own music and teaching artists how to use samplers and recording equipment.

This mix is inspired by his visits to Speed at the Mars Bar, the legendary night led by LTJ Bukem and Fabio. Containing 37 tracks from the likes of Photek, Wax Doctor, Doc Scott, Alex Reece, Goldie and 4 Hero, the mix is a perfect journey into atmospherical drum and bass featuring the pioneers of the sound, running for over two hours.

Daniel’s debut LP is released next week on Far Out Recordings, containing deep house, techno and broken beat. Check the blog later this week for an in depth interview covering his involvement in the early jungle scene.

THG Mix Series Volume 2: Daniel Maunick – Late Nights At Speed 94-96 (Tracklist)

Leon Carr – Urban Utopia (Fist Of The North Star Theme)
Icons – Aspects And Inspirations (Part Two)
Sounds Of Life – A Spice of Jazz
Lemon D – LA Fantasy
Cloud 9 – The Ultimate Seduction
Source Direct – Bliss
JMJ And Richie – Free La Funk (PFM Remix)
DJ Die – Landslide
Alex Reece – Basic Principles (Reprieve Remix)
Dead Calm – Searchin’
Carlito – Carlito’s Way
Aquarius And Tayla – Bringing Me Down
Bill Riley Featuring Zak Hooper – The Chill (Millenium Mix)
Intense – Streams Of Thought
Cold Mission – Comin’ On Strong
Hidden Agenda – The Flute Tune
Jazz Juice – Move Your Body
Studio Pressure – Relics
4 Hero – Golden Age Of Life
Manix – A Jazz Bop
Photek – Complex
Aqua Sky – Images
Octave One – Chillin’ Out (94)
Wax Doctor – Never As Good
Dillinja – In The Mood
DJ Krush Featuring Black Thought & Malik B – Meiso (The 4 Luscious Mix By 4 Hero)
Alex Reece – I Want You
Wax Doctor – The Spectrum
Jodeci – Feenin’ (LTJ Bukem Remix)
Goldie – Kemistry (Doc Scott Remix)
Andy C – Change (Liftin’ Spirits Remix)
Wax Doctor – Atmospheric Funk
Goldie – Sea Of Tears
EZ Rollers – Rolled Into 1 (Photek Remix)
Fokus – Wired
4 Hero – Escape That
Sub 13 – Blue Sky

Link: Bandcamp


A THGXTMID Mix: Haze City – Calling Planet Earth (Cosmic & Deep Jazz Mixtape)

The Two Hungry Ghosts X Tell Me I’m Dreaming mixtape series continues with sixty minutes of cosmic and deep jazz, selected by producer Haze City (Cassé Records, Bristol).

The first to admit “he’s not a club DJ” this mix has been carefully designed to create a space for thought and reflection. Tracks are neatly interwoven into a natural and balanced journey. Spiritual messages and joyous melodies fill the selection in an uplifting celebration of planet earth and it’s creation.

Featuring Sun Ra, Art Ensemble of Chicago, Lloyd Miller, Horace Trapscott & The Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra, drop out and lose yourself in this deep, cosmic journey.

Haze City is a resident on Noods Radio, with a show every second Sunday of the month, where he plays inspirations and new discoveries, from Spiritual Jazz to Broken Beat.

Check out the Cassé Records back catalogue for a range of Nu-Jazz and Future Soul.

Haze City – Calling Planet Earth (Cosmic & Deep Jazz Mixtape)

Carlos Nino – “Friends”
Sun Ra – “Calling Planet Earth”
Art Ensemble of Chicago – “Mama Koto”
Dorothy Ashby – “Wax and Wane”
Ohio Penitentiary Jazz Ensemble – “Psych City”
Erick Cosaque – “Kominike”
Lloyd Miller – “Gol-E Gandom”
Mulatu Astatke – Yekermo Sew”
Fitz Gore – “Gisela”
Obie Jessie Quartet – “Black King”
Horace Trapscott & The Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra – “Peyote Song No iii”
Andrew Hill – “Illusion”
Pharoah Sanders – “Astral Travelling”
Lonnie Liston Smith – “Sais”

Links: Haze City Bandcamp / Tell Me I’m Dreaming

THG Mix Series Volume 1: MDS – Re:lated

For the first volume in a new series of mixes, MDS delivers a 90-minute selection of low-fi drum and bass experiments, mainly from the re:st label but also featuring tracks on One.Seventy, DTND, Repertoire and Scientific Wax.


THG Mix Series Volume 1: MDS – Re:lated (Tracklist)

Cutkachi – Moonlight (re:01)
Eusebeia – Reform (re:20)
LCP – Minus 10 (re:16)
LCP Featuring Cutkachi – Absorption (re:10)
LCP – Road To Compersion (re:20)
LCP – Carried From Secret Seas (re:16)
Gleb Choutov – Monochrom (re:06)
Phrex – Quadrant (re:12)
Cutkachi – Yajé (re:03)
LCP – Aftermath (re:10)
Ghost Warrior – Seven Gates (One.Seventy)
DYL And ILL_K – Black Hole (re:09)
DYL Featuring DB1 – Veil Of Ignorance (re:13)
ILL_K – Neutron (Owl Remix) (re:04)
Ghost Warrior – Into The Void (re:11)
Books – Anomie (Melody Of The Infinite) (DTND)
Owl Featuring Clearlight – Holograph (re:19)
LCP – 6 Hands Full Of People (Sam KDC remix) (re:07)
Dissident – Graviton (re:19)
Dailiv – Reflection (re:15)
Aiko – Endless (re:08)
Ghost Warrior – Split (re:11)
Dailiv – Terminal (re:18)
Sotus – Hide (re:19)
Dailiv – Onix (re:18)
Eusebeia – Spiral (Repertoire)
Nebula – Surrealism (Scientific Wax)
Projekt22 And Deaf Ray – Seek Assistance (re:15)