Two Hungry Ghosts Chart (September 2020)

Various charts covering forthcoming promos, new releases, forgotten gems and timeless inspirations.

Dave Sector – Two Hungry Ghosts (September 2020 Chart)

X-Altera – New Harbinger EP (Sneaker Social Club)
Goldie – I Think Of You [Digital & Spirit Remix] (Metalheadz)
RQ – New Colours LP (Self-Released)
Sonic – Prince Of Cambridge (Sneaker Social Club)
Pessimist & Holsten – The Riot Tune EP (Hotline Recordings)
Forest Drive West – Impulse/Curved Path (R&S)
Kid Drama – Thoughtcast 7 (CNVX)
Tellus – Liberation EP (Modern Conveniences)
Earl Grey – French Exit EP (Inperspective Records)
Arcane – Labyrinth (Rua Sound)

Alexander – One.Seventy (September 2020 Chart)

Marked Red – Discretion (One.Seventy)
RQ – Sunset (Dawn)
Books – Cosine (re:st)
Karim Maas & Outer Heaven – The Force (UVB-76 Music)
Marked Red – Spiral Storm (One.Seventy)
Earl Grey – French Exit (Inperspective)
Tellus Featuring Quails – No Pride (Modern Conveniences)
Cryptographic – Echo IV (re:st)
Jaskin & Uneven – Kaleidoscope (none60)
LCP – Off Limits (re:st)

Akuratyde – Blu Mar Ten Music/Modern Conveniences (September 2020 Chart)

Mystic State – Vessel (The Chikara Project)
Akuratyde & Kharm – Enamoured (Microfunk Music)
Kid Drama – 2010 Again (CNVX)
Mark Kloud – Matter Of Time (Exkursions)
Kennedy One – Ocean Of Mine [Synkro Remix] (Kennedy One)
Akuratyde – Plume [Kid Drama Remix] (Modern Conveniences)
Sorse – Monotic (none60)
Lockjaw – Liminal (Locked Concept)
Cryptographic – Echo I (re:st)
Tellus Featuring Akuratyde – Down River (Modern Conveniences)

Chimera – Ronin Ordinance (September 2020 Chart)

Sully – Poison (Astrophonica)
RQ – Nectar (Self-Released)
Law & Wheeler – Early Reflections (Repertoire)
SB81 – The Drone Zone (DROOGS)
Pessimist – The Crawlers (Ilian Tape)
Riffz – N64 (Slap The Wall)
dgoHn – Monsoon Mercenary (Analogical Force)
Mark Kloud – Blood Dimmed Tide (Exkursions)
Akuratyde – November’s End [Silent Dust Remix] (Modern Conveniences)
Gremlinz & Jesta – Succubus (Ronin Ordinance)

Eusebeia – Western Lore/re:st (September 2020 Chart)

Phineas II – Dreamcatcher (Lucky Muffin Records)
Tool – Jimmy (Zoo Entertainment)
Distance – Fallen [Vex’d Remix] (Planet Mu)
36 – Hold On (3six Recordings)
Varg – Charm (Posh Isolation)
Akira Yamaoka – Wounded Warsong (Konami)
Balaam and The Angel – Thought Behind It All (Chapter 22)
Massive Attack – Mezzanine (Virgin)
Leftfield – Melt (Hard Hands)
The Opus – I come in peace (Ozone Music)

Sonar’s Ghost – Seventh Storey/Amenology (Top 10 Four Track 92-94 EPs)

Wots My Code – Wots My Code EP (Oxford ArdCore)
Metalheadz – Terminator (Synthetic Records)
Nasty Habits – As Nasty As I Wanna Be (Reinforced)
Rufige Cru – Darkrider (Reinforced)
Peshay – Protege EP (Reinforced)
Internal Affairs – Internal Affairs EP (Reinforced)
Studio II – Planet Dance (ST001)
Noise Factory – The Capsule EP (3rd Party)
Bay B Kane – The Return Of Bay B Kane (Ruff Guidance)
Tom and Jerry – Dancer (Tom and Jerry)

Dave Sector – Two Hungry Ghosts (Beats And Bleeps)

Goldie – Redemption [Jon Dixon Ambient Mix] (Metalheadz)
Audiokern – Set Off (Klangkeller Records)
Emotional Ty – Mountains & Rivers (EMTY)
Zoo Brazil – Outputs (clipp:art)
Highrise – Summertime Breeze (Breaks N Pieces)
Unknown Artist – Get Down (Semi-Skimmed Edits)
Jneiro Jarel – After A Thousand Years (Far Out)
Various Artists – Breaking The Beats (Z)
Nikitch & Kuna Maze – The Leak [Domu & Sonar’s Ghost Remixes] (Tru Thoughts)
Domu – Demos 1999 To 2009 (Self Release)
Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist – Alfredo (ESGN)

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