Two Hungry Ghosts Chart (November 2020)

Various charts covering forthcoming promos, new releases, forgotten gems and timeless inspirations.

Dave Sector (Two Hungry Ghosts)
Source Direct – Dangerous Curves/Game Play (Forthcoming Tempo)
Scape – Storms On Saturn (Forthcoming Two Hungry Ghosts)
Liquid Aliens – Are You Sure I’ll Be Ok? [Remaster] (Liquid Wax)
San – Subject 9 (Rua Sound)
Dillinja – Deep (Deep Jungle)
Low End Activist – Engineers Origins (Forthcoming Low End Activism)
ETCH – Strange Days EP (Forthcoming Seagrave)
Jamie Myerson – Precept (Self-released)
Akuratyde – Redesigned Volume 2 (Forthcoming Modern Conveniences)
Fugees – Killing Me Softly [Dominic Ridgway Bootleg] (???)

Jem-One (Metalheadz)
Jem-One & SR – Giants (Dub)
Jem-One & SR – Double Zero (Dub)
Friske – Untitled Killer (Metalheadz)
Jem-One – Monkey Man (Metalheadz Platinum)
Jem-One – Dimensions (Metalheadz Platinum)
John Rolodex Featuring Khadija – The Rainmaker (Metalheadz)
Fanu – B-Side Science (Metalheadz)
SR – Skat (AKO Beats)
Goldie – I Think Of You [Jubei Remix] (Metalheadz)
Jem-One & SR – Untitled Jazz (Dub)

Yorobi (Jungletrain)
Sully – Werk (Astrophonica)
Krust – Keter The Heavenly (Crosstown Rebels)
Pessimist – Love In The Jungle (Illian Tape)
Immortal Minds – No More Mind Games (Forthcoming AKO Beats)
Earl Grey – After They Turn The Rigs Off (Inperspective)
Pessimist – No Fxxxing Soul (Illian Tape)
The Untouchables – Kan Hubuh (Mutable Beats)
Eusebeia – Infinity (Forthcoming Earth Trax)
Om Unit & Seekers International – Mic Up (Berceuse Heroique)
Sun People – Amaterasu (Dub)
Bonus: Yorobi – Example 20 (Pollination)

Si 2 Bad Mice (Over/Shadow)
Photek – The Water Margin (Photek)
Digital – Space Funk (Timeless)
Foul Play – Open Your Mind Remix (Moving Shadow)
Omni Trio – Living For The Future [FBD Project Remix] (Moving Shadow)
Madcap – Any Track From The EP (Vibes 93)
Photek – Consciousness (Metalheadz)
Peshay – Piano Tune (Good Looking)
Sully – Swan Dive EP (Astrophonica)
DJ Pulse – Stay Calm (Creative Wax)
JMJ & Flytronix – In too Deep (Moving Shadow)

Ben Repertoire (Repertoire)
Necrotype & Law – Wasting Time (Repertoire)
Dillinja – Hard Noize [Break Remix] (Valve Recordings)
Concealed Identity – Io (Repertoire)
Law – Knowing (AKO Beatz)
Pugilist – Syphon [Coco Bryce Remix] (Dext Recordings)
Madcap – Morning Time (Soul Deep Recordings)
John Rolodex Featuring Khadija – The Rainmaker (Metalheadz)
San – Subject 9 (Rua Sound)
Bungle – Runaway (Eloisa Records)
Baby Namboos – Ancoats 2 Zambia [Dillinja Remix] (Palm Pictures)

Grave Grooves (Dead Trax)
San – Subject9 (Forthcoming Rua Sound)
Guava – Pitch Control (Banoffee Pies Records)
Benny iLL – Who, Me? (GD4YA)
ERAM – Tr00 Brazilian ShHit (Raiders)
Heritage – London Fields (Ruffset Records)
Acidulant – The Gangster In You (Balkan Vinyl)
K-Lone – Cheque The R8 (Dr Banana)
Pugilist – Regwoth (Forthcoming DEXT Recordings)
Hornsey Hardcore – FloorBurn (Hornsey Hardcore)
Main Phase – Neater (Hardline Sounds)

Neil Sherwood (Tell Me I’m Dreaming/Noods)
Tenderlonious – Ragas From Lahore (22a)
Swordman Kitala – Kimbalagala (Blip Discs)
Andrew Ashong & Kaidi Tatham – Sankofa Session (Kitto Productions)
Mark de Clive-Lowe – Dreamweavers (Mother Tongue)
The Whole Truth – Lord Quench My Soul (Parkway Records)
The Neighborhood Character – There Will Be Magic (Self-released)
Aybee – Rebirth EP (deepblak)
Haze City – Excursions 4 (Casse)
Raúl Monsalve y los Forajidos – Bichos (Olindo Records)
Kareem Ali – We Are Stardust – (Self-released)

Rui Fradinho (Eclectic Beats Music)
Byron The Aquarius – Ambrosia (Axis)
Andrew Ashong & Kaidi Tatham – Sankofa Season (Kitto)
Diamond – Hal’s EP (Flat White)
Deborah Jordan – Horizon (Remixes) (Futuristica Music)
Various – Breaking The Beats (Z Records)
Jazz N Palms – Jazz N Palms
02 – Jazz N Palms
Oscar Jerome – Breathe Deep (Caroline)
Str4*ta – Aspects (Brownswood)
Contours/Yadava – Cosmic Echoes (Anma/Flumo)
Gerardo Frisina – Moving Ahead (Schema)
Bonus: Fradinho – A Bright Future (Eclectic Beats Music)

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