Two Hungry Ghosts Chart (June 2020)

Two Hungry Ghosts June Chart (June 2020)

Uplifting and Retro

Foul Play – Remasters (Sneaker Social)
Various Artists – Faces Volume 1 (Killer Smile)
Luke Vibert Presents – Modern Rave (Hypercolour)
Lynch Kinglsey – Crows (The Dreamers)
Coco Bryce – My Girl (7th Storey Projects)
D’TCH – No Good EP (Thr Dreamers)
Carter and Calculon – Youth Riot (Shoot Recordings)
RTR – Reward [Om Unit Remix] (???)
BSN Posse Featuring Jon1st – Burnin Shoes (Defrostatica Records)
Peven Everett – Stuck [Sinistarr 155 Flip] (???)

Dark and Murky

Friske – Rebel Force (Metalheadz)
Eusebia – Full Circle (???)
Antagonist – Gate9 (Ronin Ordinance)
Overlook – All Of Them Witches [Clarity Remix] (UVB-76)
Mahakala – Tomahawk VIP (Mahakala)
DreamSkape Featuring Ill Truth – Underdog (Lockdown)
Lynch Kingsley – Death Cycles (Inperspective)
Acid_Lab – Secret Weapon (AGN7)
Malign – Heathen/Hierarchy (Paragon Productions)
Kit Curse And Dreadmaul – Istanbul (Onset Audio)

Compiled by Dave Sector

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