Two Hungry Ghosts Chart (March 2020)

Two Hungry Ghosts Charts (March 2020)

Modern Jungle And 170

Eusebeia – Equal Rights And Justice (Western Lore)
Thugwidow – South East London Fantasies (Two Hungry Ghosts)
Books – Carbon (Groundworks)
Hybert Phillips – Gerevol (Onset Audio)
RQ – Obsidian/Flaming Swords (CX Digital)
Nymfo – Sting Blade (Metalheadz)
Ben Kei – Desolate (Transmute)
Madikma – Reason [Akinsa Redub] (Onset Audio)
Ded Sheppard – The Youth [Out Of Fuel Remix] (Onset Audio)
DYL – Elder Gods (???)
??? – Digital Self (???)
Kratos – Options (PPJ)
Sonar’s Ghost – Soul Survivor (???)
Tim Reaper – Sub-Aquatic (Parallax)
Adred – Left Behind (Metalheadz)
Radiax – Rudeboy (Unchained)
Chromatic – Freshly Squeezed (Dope Plates)
Subp Yao – The Cause (Unchained)
Chet Matuto – Hermanson (Context Audio)
Sicknote And Sweetpea – The First Time (Addictive Behaviour)

Bonus Fifteen (Anything Goes)

Thugwidow – So Be It [BKCLX Ambient Mix] (Two Hungry Ghosts)
Linkwood & Foat – Linkwood & Foat (Athens Of The North)
Barefoot – Collapse (Groundworks)
Client_03 – Testbed_Output_01 (Astrophonica)
Phyzical Flex – My Gunz (Paradoom)
Difusion – Got Me Searching EP (Straight Talk Records)
Deep Sky Objects – T.M.K.F/The Chant (Never Ready Records)
WHT MOTH – Stretch (Solid Tracks Records)
ED1999 – Moving Glow EP (Porpax Records)
Chris Von B – Follow Me EP (Pirates Are Loud)
On-Ly – Broth (La Sape)
Angela Bofill – Under The Moon And Over The Sky (Arista)
Yellow Sunshine – Yellow Sunshine (Gamble)
Universal Robot Band – Barely Breakin Even (Moonglow Records)
Irreversible Entanglements – Bread Out Of Stone (International Anthem / Don Giovanni)

Compiled by Dave Sector

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