Sonar’s Ghosts X Sun People – VIP’s And Unreleased (Charity Release)

After the success of our various artist compilation “Beyond The Physical“, which saw us donating over £200 to the homeless charity Emmaus in Bristol, we are set to unleash our second release “VIP’s And Unreleased” by Sonar’s Ghost and Sun People featuring four cuts of modern jungle on January 6th 2020.

You can read more about the EP and stream it in full below.

Modern yet reflective drum and bass from two of the scenes most interesting producers, merging classic jungle with footwork and techno the EP is brimming with creativity and musicality.

Sonar’s Ghost revisits the unreleased VIP of “Turn It Inside Out”, amending the intro and tightening edits for a magnificent B-Boy influenced take on the track, replacing amens with funky NT chops. “I Got Watcha Need” features a wonderful Domu style harmony and chord progression, soulful jungle for broken heads.

Sun People twists the original arrangement of “Going To” for this exclusive VIP version, chipmunk vocals and perfectly placed snares dominate as the track charges along at 155BPM. “The Great Escape” closes the EP with two glorious melodies morphing into a beautiful, uplifting hook pulsating with energy and emotion.

With all Two Hungry Ghosts releases, the proceeds from this download will go to charities who focus on homelessness, hunger and poverty around the UK.

Artwork: THG
Mastering: R. Peperkamp

Released by: Two Hungry Ghosts

Release date:
6 January 2020

Buy: Bandcamp

THG X Noods W/ Dave Sector (December 2019)

The last show of the year sees a return to normal service with Dave Sector taking the hot seat after two months of specials with Cambrian Line and Black Classical.

Starting with an exclusive from Eusebeia’s forthcoming EP on re:st into a series of unofficial edits from Merking 9 To 5 and Om Unit this edition begins on a downtempo tip before launching into a drum and bass selection including unreleased music by Mister Shifter, Venom and Defender.

THG X Noods W/ Dave Sector (December 2019)

Eusebeia – Cardinal (Forthcoming re:st)
Blahzay X Lemon D – Urban Style Danger (Unofficial)
Photek X Lauryn Hill – Lost In The 90s (Unofficial)
A.D.O.R X Tek-9 – F.U. For The Trouble (Unofficial)
David Axelrod X Om Unit – The Human Abstract (Unofficial)
Sonar’s Ghost – I Got Watcha Need (Forthcoming Two Hungry Ghosts)
M.O.A.D – Dangerous (Self-Released)
Mister Shifter – Dreada VIP (???)
Venom – Suspicions [Regrets Mix] (???)
Atlas And K Super – Haze (Breakbeat Rebelz)
Eusebeia – Experience Shapes You (Western Lore Limited)
Rumbleton Meets DJ Clear – Easy Me Bredda (Sweet Sensi Records)
Enjoy – Controversial (Dysfunk Music)
Sin, Gremlinz And Jesta – Door Of Guf (3024)
Defender – Feel It [Clarky ReBoot 2019] (???)

First broadcast on NOODS Radio 19th December 2019 between 14:00-15:00.

Exclusive Stream: Foul Play – Being With You (Army Of Ghosts VIP)

Originally put together for John’s Foul Play appearance at Rupture back in June, this VIP of “Being With You” was crafted by Sonar’s Ghost and myself as an exclusive for his set.

Also known as the Rupture mix this was made using stems from an old track we made for the blog several years ago, a remix of “Understand The Process” by Soza, and samples from different versions of “Being With You” including the Van Kleef mix John sent me on CD.

Essentially a rinse for a DJ set we hope you enjoy this exclusive stream as we celebrate 250,000 plays on SoundCloud and approach 3k followers.

Thank you for all your support.

Soundcloud: Two Hungry Ghosts / John Morrow

Various Artists – Beyond The Physical (Charity Compilation)

Today is the day our first Two Hungry Ghosts compilation is released into the world. 12th December is a special day for us, one we have marked for the last five years through our electronic label Sector 12/12. We use the date to remember the past and help inject some hope into the future.

I’m really proud of what we have achieved with this. I’ve seen pure positivity from all involved, with everyone using their creativity to support others in need. All proceeds from the download will go to homeless charities across the UK.

At times, I feel the need to rant about the exclusivity or expense of the music I love but feel it far more fruitful to instead put something out into the world that’s accessible to all. You can stream the whole thing for free via Bandcamp (all restrictions have been removed) and I’ll add to SoundCloud and YouTube over the next couple of weeks.

The album has been carefully considered and we recommend you play the whole release from start to finish through headphones for the best possible experience.

We hope you enjoy the music and if you can afford to support it by spending £4 on the download it will be very much appreciated.

Many thanks to all those who have already supported this release.

Emotive, experimental and expressive “Beyond The Physical” illustrates the community spirit that flows through the modern jungle scene with contributions from a range of artists based around the world. The producers all share a desire to push the envelope, extending the limits of what is considered drum and bass, returning to the days when each release was a mission statement and had a sense of purpose.

Featuring exclusive tracks from DYL, RQ, Sonar’s Ghost, Thugwidow, Shiken Hanzo, Entire, Paragon and Sicknote & Dissect the album is a balanced journey of breakbeat manipulations and raw techno fusion.

At a time where greed and self-interest appear to reign, “Beyond The Physical” aims to demonstrate the power a collective force of creative people can have on local communities with all proceeds from the download going to homeless, hunger and poverty charities across the UK.

Artwork: GMHA X THG
Mastering: R. Peperkamp

Released by:
Two Hungry Ghosts

Release date:
12 December 2019

Buy: Bandcamp

Recommended: Overlook – Misty [Law And Wheeler Remix] (Repertoire)

10 years is a long time for any label, and throughout the past decade Repertoire has seen distributors come and go, vinyl sales plummet, and interest in the breakbeat-led drum and bass wane. But steadfast in its ideals, the label has never strayed from its roots, and today goes from strength to strength as jungle’s golden age influences a new generation.

To celebrate this landmark we’ve tasked some of the most influential producers on the jungle circuit with re-imagining classic tracks from our back catalogue.

This is Repertoire 10/20.

Featuring remixes from scene trailblazers such as Dead Man’s Chest, Sonar’s Ghost, Double-O, Friske, AU & Jesta, and more. Repertoire 10/20 is a broad look at underground drum and bass as it is in 2019 and beyond.

Buy: Bandcamp


Recommended: DYL – Words (Detach Recordings)

“Words” is taken from the forthcoming “Uniformity of Nature” EP on Prague based Detach Recordings. The release is a collaboration between Romanian producer DYL and Germany’s Senking.

Pulsating with wild creative energy, the EP features abstract excursions into 170 and a mixture of slower, murky electronica. Highlights include the savage opening track “Phrases”, an uncompromising and unrestrained adventure into dark industrial territory by DYL and “Destroyed City Lights” co-produced by Senking. This track features a strange brew of multi-layered synths, steadily building a futuristic soundtrack for a long-forgotten, dystopian location.

Our featured track, “Words”, treads the line between drum and bass, techno and electro. Thick atmospherics create an air of tension while tightly programmed drums balance funk with aggression. A sonic whirlwind of dark textures and deep bass complete the outing resulting in an energetic, yet overall, unsettling experience.

To complement the rich creativity of music on this release, the artwork has been affectionately created by Romanian artist Teodora Gavrila. Supplied in a screen-printed transparent sleeve, the 12” also contains a limited edition insert reflecting the many layers of musicality and production. A beautiful package of visual and aural artistry.

The “Uniformity of Nature” EP is available to pre-order now via Juno Records.

Buy: Juno / Redeye


Exclusive Premiere: Sun People – Black Sphere (Rua Sound)

“Black Sphere” by Sun People is taken from the four track “These Days EP”, forthcoming on Rua Sound, released on November 29th.

Born out of a love for progressive electronic music, the Sun People project fuses elements of techno, hip hop, footwork, jungle and rare groove. The resulting sound is a perfect alchemy of musicality, soul and carefully placed kick drums.

“Give It Up”, the opening track on the EP, sets the tone with its mutated rare groove sample, old school vocal and chopped breaks. What could easily lead to a vintage jungle rinse out, and a good one at that, instead heads for a classic Hidden Agenda sound evoking memories of “Get Carter” and “The Flute Tune”.

There is an excitement that runs through the EP with tracks morphing quite unexpectedly and samples finding new spaces to inhabit, often out of context but sounding perfectly in place.

Contender for EP of the year “Black Sphere” draws the release to a close, an elegant halftime exit awash with mystery and grace.

The “These Days EP” will be available on both digital and vinyl formats, mastered by Macc and featuring artwork by Arkof and Graphic design by Barry Prendergast.

Buy: Bandcamp

Exclusive Premiere: Model – Jupiter (7th Storey Recollective)

The first release on a new sub-label from 7th Storey Projects sees two previously unreleased tracks by Model finally see the light of day. Produced in 1995 expect chopped amens and cosmic pads in a GLR style on the nearly 9-minute track “Jupiter” and a pure tribal work out of intricate panning drum edits on “Surroundingz”.

Sourced from the original DAT recordings these have been mastered by Beau at Ten Eight Seven then cut at 45 for a rich, loud 12″ with excellent clarity. With all 7th Storey Projects releases, attention to detail is paramount so this has been produced by Optimal Media (based in Germany) for a high quality pressing then packaged in a full-colour sleeve, designed by Model.

Check the Two Hungry Ghosts blog next week for an interview with Model where we find out more about these tracks and the story behind “Flight”, the holy grail of unreleased dubs played by LTJ Bukem back in 1995.

Vinyl only and available to pre-order now direct from 7th Storey Projects.

Buy: 7th Storey Projects

A THGXTMID Mix: Mattic – Cloverfield Mansion [Act 1] X A Madlib Invasion (Dilla & Mattic Mixtape)

Next, on the Two Hungry Ghosts X Tell Me I’m Dreaming mixtape series we have American born, MC and sound explorer, Mattic AKA Dr Outer AKA The Ghost In The Machine, who now lives in the hills of Le Harve, France.

Mattic and I first met online in 2012 after the release of his debut solo album “The Abstract Convention”, since then he has released music under various aliases and guises with numerous appearances and collaborations as well as a second LP on Phonosauras titled “The Adventures Of Doctor Outer”.

What has always struck me about Mattic is how prolific and humble he is. A quick glance at Discogs will lead you to think he hasn’t released much music and a Google search won’t reveal much either. He will pop up on social media for a few weeks then disappear deleting any content. Our conversations often revolve around a shared vision of the world, a rejection of the importance of social media stats and sharing nerdy music knowledge, soundbites and sample sources. I’m privileged to be part of a small trusted crew who are allowed into his unreleased music vaults, covering countless full albums, mixtapes with bespoke lyrics, demos, collaborations and even a vocal reinterpretation of Madlibs “Rock Koducta” LP.

Fuelled by a strong passion to create and a desire to be “close to a few rather than part of the zoo” its rare these projects see the light of day, locked down to personal Dropbox folders with rare WeTransfer shares via DM’s and email exchanges. It’s with great pleasure I can bring you this mixtape of Dilla and Madlib beats complete with original rhymes, skits and vocal sound design crafted by Mattic. Made purely for pleasure, not for profit and out of deep love and respect for the producers enjoy this rare glimpse into the creative world of Doctor Outer…

Two Hungry Ghosts Chart (November 2019)

Two Hungry Ghosts Chart (November 2019)

Model – Jupiter/Surroundingz (Forthcoming 7th Storey Recollective)
Dokta Venom – Suspicions [Various Mixes] (???)
Drummotive – Petulia (Subtle Audio)
DYL – VAIO (???)
RQ – Tombstone Chips (???)
Kyam – Sigh EP (Subtle Audio)
Sun People – These Days (Forthcoming Rua Sound)
Dead Man’s Chest – Lo-Freq Soul (Forthcoming Western Lore)
Sicknote And Escher – Taster (Forthcoming Stereocilia)
Fine Feline – The 9 Lives [Remixes] (Forthcoming Parallax)
Thugwidow – Tortured Soul (Forthcoming Two Hungry Ghosts)
Sicknote And Dissect – S.A.L Jazz (Forthcoming Two Hungry Ghosts)
Tim Reaper And Yorobi – DISCWORLD001 (Forthcoming Discworld)
Eusebeia – Experience Shapes You (Western Lore Limited)
Unknown Artist – White Label (Bassweight Operations)

Compiled by Dave Sector