THG Mix Series Volume 2: Daniel Maunick – Late Nights At Speed 94-96

The second part of our THG mix series is by producer and DJ, Daniel Maunick otherwise known as Venom. With connections to labels ranging from Ibiza Records to Talkin Loud, Daniel was heavily involved in the 90s drum and bass scene producing his own music and teaching artists how to use samplers and recording equipment.

This mix is inspired by his visits to Speed at the Mars Bar, the legendary night led by LTJ Bukem and Fabio. Containing 37 tracks from the likes of Photek, Wax Doctor, Doc Scott, Alex Reece, Goldie and 4 Hero, the mix is a perfect journey into atmospherical drum and bass featuring the pioneers of the sound, running for over two hours.

Daniel’s debut LP is released next week on Far Out Recordings, containing deep house, techno and broken beat. Check the blog later this week for an in depth interview covering his involvement in the early jungle scene.

THG Mix Series Volume 2: Daniel Maunick – Late Nights At Speed 94-96 (Tracklist)

Leon Carr – Urban Utopia (Fist Of The North Star Theme)
Icons – Aspects And Inspirations (Part Two)
Sounds Of Life – A Spice of Jazz
Lemon D – LA Fantasy
Cloud 9 – The Ultimate Seduction
Source Direct – Bliss
JMJ And Richie – Free La Funk (PFM Remix)
DJ Die – Landslide
Alex Reece – Basic Principles (Reprieve Remix)
Dead Calm – Searchin’
Carlito – Carlito’s Way
Aquarius And Tayla – Bringing Me Down
Bill Riley Featuring Zak Hooper – The Chill (Millenium Mix)
Intense – Streams Of Thought
Cold Mission – Comin’ On Strong
Hidden Agenda – The Flute Tune
Jazz Juice – Move Your Body
Studio Pressure – Relics
4 Hero – Golden Age Of Life
Manix – A Jazz Bop
Photek – Complex
Aqua Sky – Images
Octave One – Chillin’ Out (94)
Wax Doctor – Never As Good
Dillinja – In The Mood
DJ Krush Featuring Black Thought & Malik B – Meiso (The 4 Luscious Mix By 4 Hero)
Alex Reece – I Want You
Wax Doctor – The Spectrum
Jodeci – Feenin’ (LTJ Bukem Remix)
Goldie – Kemistry (Doc Scott Remix)
Andy C – Change (Liftin’ Spirits Remix)
Wax Doctor – Atmospheric Funk
Goldie – Sea Of Tears
EZ Rollers – Rolled Into 1 (Photek Remix)
Fokus – Wired
4 Hero – Escape That
Sub 13 – Blue Sky

Link: Bandcamp


THG X Noods X Cambrian Line B2B Special W/ Sonar’s Ghost (October 2019)

A specially extended Two Hungry Ghosts show this month as we hook up with James from Cambrian Line for a three hour Noods Radio takeover. The first two hours is a B2B session with Sonar’s Ghost taking over the controls for the final sixty minutes.

Expect modern jungle, twisted half-step, footwork, juke and 90s throwbacks.

Many thanks to Cambrian Line for hosting live from Berlin, you can catch his show on Thursdays, every four weeks, between 15:00-17:00 on Noods Radio.

More info and archives here: Noods Radio X Radio Cambrian Line

THG X Noods X Cambrian Line B2B Special W/ Sonar’s Ghost (October 2019)

Dave Sector B2B Cambrian Line

DYL – The New Kid
DYL – Vaio
RQ – New Earth
Pessimist – Burundanga
Out Of Fuel – Zero System
Sicknote – Ruck
Mark – “We Connect The Right People To Build Relationships That Truly Matter.”
Altered Natives – A.D.O.R.E
Graphs – Broken Legs
Special Request – Stairfoot Lane Bunker (Minor Science Remix)
CM-4 – Acid Drop Gap
Kid Lib – Yeh UH!
Thug Widow – Blunt End Of The Heel
LCP – Undiluted / Clairvoyance
Pessimist – Thug
Paracusia – Graveyard Shift (Homemade Weapons Remix)
Sun People – Work
Rhythm And Sound – Music A Fe Rule (Sun People Edit)
Sully – Porcelain
NC-17 – Judgement
Stones Taro – Full Train
Kozee – Let’s Ride
Warlock – Work Dat Shit
Traxman – Dat Butt
HomeSick – 1800areyouslappin
HomeSick – 1800areyouslappin (Sinistarr Hotline Mix)
Skeleton Army – Catchy Schisms (Etch Slo-Fast Mix)
Dwarde And Tim Reaper – Take Some Time

Sonar’s Ghost

System 7 – Big Sky City (J.O.S Mix)
Hathor And Sotus – Autonomous Parasite
The Untouchables – Baiana
Soul Intent – Rock It
Bungle – Enigma
No Name – Skumaskot
DJ Trace – Dibby (Ilk Remix)
Es.Tereo – Temple Of Ra
Infest – Little Spinner
A.Fruit – Before You Go
Dave Wallace – Light Phase
Dark Ops – Burgundy Breaks
Slider And Expose – All Fall Down
Ant To Be – Done At Midnight
Rude Operator – Broken Sky
D.O.P.E – Travelling (Slow Train to Philly Mix)
Lynch Kingsley – Capricorn
Simon ‘Bassline’ Smith – Midnite
DJ Windmill – Divine Inspiration (Army Of Ghosts VIP)

Broadcast on Noods Radio 17/10/19 between 14:00-17:00.

Exclusive Premiere: Nekyia – White Sky Nicotine Lips (re:st)

“White Sky Nicotine Lips” by Nekyia is taken from the “Frames EP“, a vinyl-only release available on re:st. The small independent label was founded in 2014 as a platform for peripheral bass music.

A simple kick drum and bleak bass line mould to form a cast iron backdrop for reverbed sounds and grey textures.

Devoid of melody the malignant groove builds tension before an understated breakbeat is introduced in the second half. Powerfully effective due to the tracks tight, hypnotic arrangement this is modern drum and bass at its purest, and rawest.

At a time when the amen folder is still a producer’s best friend, it’s great to see the more experimental, techno-influenced approach gain momentum. This stripped-back style is gripping and visceral, helping to fuel a burgeoning scene of young producers taking modern jungle into a new decade avoiding worn-out templates from the past.

The “Frames EP” is released via re:st on 25th October. Vinyl only and limited to 100 copies, digital is included when purchasing direct.


A THGXTMID Mix: Haze City – Calling Planet Earth (Cosmic & Deep Jazz Mixtape)

The Two Hungry Ghosts X Tell Me I’m Dreaming mixtape series continues with sixty minutes of cosmic and deep jazz, selected by producer Haze City (Cassé Records, Bristol).

The first to admit “he’s not a club DJ” this mix has been carefully designed to create a space for thought and reflection. Tracks are neatly interwoven into a natural and balanced journey. Spiritual messages and joyous melodies fill the selection in an uplifting celebration of planet earth and it’s creation.

Featuring Sun Ra, Art Ensemble of Chicago, Lloyd Miller, Horace Trapscott & The Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra, drop out and lose yourself in this deep, cosmic journey.

Haze City is a resident on Noods Radio, with a show every second Sunday of the month, where he plays inspirations and new discoveries, from Spiritual Jazz to Broken Beat.

Check out the Cassé Records back catalogue for a range of Nu-Jazz and Future Soul.

Haze City – Calling Planet Earth (Cosmic & Deep Jazz Mixtape)

Carlos Nino – “Friends”
Sun Ra – “Calling Planet Earth”
Art Ensemble of Chicago – “Mama Koto”
Dorothy Ashby – “Wax and Wane”
Ohio Penitentiary Jazz Ensemble – “Psych City”
Erick Cosaque – “Kominike”
Lloyd Miller – “Gol-E Gandom”
Mulatu Astatke – Yekermo Sew”
Fitz Gore – “Gisela”
Obie Jessie Quartet – “Black King”
Horace Trapscott & The Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra – “Peyote Song No iii”
Andrew Hill – “Illusion”
Pharoah Sanders – “Astral Travelling”
Lonnie Liston Smith – “Sais”

Links: Haze City Bandcamp / Tell Me I’m Dreaming

Exclusive Premiere: Shiken Hanzo – Kali Ma (Repertoire)

“Kali Ma” by Shiken Hanzo is taken from the “Maya Warfare EP” released on Repertoire.

Experimental drum and bass from one of the scenes most reliable labels. The guys continue to push boundaries with this deep, tribal and futuristic take on modern jungle. A landmark EP for the Repertoire camp, a departure from previous releases perhaps, but still maintaining their vision of modern progressive jungle. Immersive and militant minimal that really comes to life when in the mix.

With previous releases on Samurai Music and Blackest Ever Black sub-label A14, the EP has gained support from drum and bass luminaries Om Unit, Outer Heaven and Dom & Roland.


Exclusive Premiere: Kuthi Jinani – Corals [FFF Remix] (Beat Machine Records)

The FFF remix of “Corals” is taken from the “Fish Lair EP” by Kuthi Jinani released on Beat Machine Records.

The releases on Beat Machine have been pretty diverse in 2019, from the devastating Fixate remix of “Fyah Burnin” at the start of the year to the recent broken beat soul of Daykoda.

This remix sees a return to the classic drum and bass style. An eerily hypnotic chime haunts chopped amen edits and exaggerated distorted bass. As the drums intensify the introduction of choral strings and dubbed out melodies add light to a rough journey.


THG Mix Series Volume 1: MDS – Re:lated

For the first volume in a new series of mixes, MDS delivers a 90-minute selection of low-fi drum and bass experiments, mainly from the re:st label but also featuring tracks on One.Seventy, DTND, Repertoire and Scientific Wax.


THG Mix Series Volume 1: MDS – Re:lated (Tracklist)

Cutkachi – Moonlight (re:01)
Eusebeia – Reform (re:20)
LCP – Minus 10 (re:16)
LCP Featuring Cutkachi – Absorption (re:10)
LCP – Road To Compersion (re:20)
LCP – Carried From Secret Seas (re:16)
Gleb Choutov – Monochrom (re:06)
Phrex – Quadrant (re:12)
Cutkachi – Yajé (re:03)
LCP – Aftermath (re:10)
Ghost Warrior – Seven Gates (One.Seventy)
DYL And ILL_K – Black Hole (re:09)
DYL Featuring DB1 – Veil Of Ignorance (re:13)
ILL_K – Neutron (Owl Remix) (re:04)
Ghost Warrior – Into The Void (re:11)
Books – Anomie (Melody Of The Infinite) (DTND)
Owl Featuring Clearlight – Holograph (re:19)
LCP – 6 Hands Full Of People (Sam KDC remix) (re:07)
Dissident – Graviton (re:19)
Dailiv – Reflection (re:15)
Aiko – Endless (re:08)
Ghost Warrior – Split (re:11)
Dailiv – Terminal (re:18)
Sotus – Hide (re:19)
Dailiv – Onix (re:18)
Eusebeia – Spiral (Repertoire)
Nebula – Surrealism (Scientific Wax)
Projekt22 And Deaf Ray – Seek Assistance (re:15)


Exclusive Premiere: Zodiac Childs – Get Back (Zodiac Wax)

“Future Primitives EP” is the latest release on Zodiac Wax by label founder Zodiac Childs.

Mystery surrounds the artist and label with active social media pages featuring zero content, other than the odd logo or release cover. This adds to the nostalgic feel of the EP, harking back to a time when white labels were the norm and often contained very little or no information.

This release is very much based around the sounds of the early nineties, from the rave breaks and Public Enemy samples on lead track “Future Primitives” to the sunrise hands in the air breakdown of “Tears”.

Immersive and focused “Get Back” rounds off the EP, containing a stripped back groove of looped breaks and a four-four kick drum, its subtle melody filters its way through the track. Hardcore stabs are used but cautiously, softened with FX and gentle keys.

A heads down moment to let the mind wander.


Two Hungry Ghosts Chart (October 2019)

Two Hungry Ghosts Chart (October 2019)

Various Artists – Volume 10 [The Remixes] (Forthcoming Globex Corp)
Various Artists – LT-GLOBE-XXX (Lobster Theremin x Globex Corp)
Es.tereo – Ra EP (Forthcoming Cosmic Bridge)
Pessimist – Burundanga EP (Forthcoming UVB-76)
HLZ – Ultradogs (Forthcoming Metalheadz)
Out Of Fuel – Number Six (Forthcoming Ronin Ordinance)
Sicknote And Escher – Taster (Forthcoming Stereocilia)
Resslek – Pilz (Forthcoming Citate Forms)
BrandNewTrumpets – Pranayama (Forthcoming Diffrent Music)
Slider And Expose – Be Right Here (Forthcoming Lossless Music)
Sun People – It’s Yours (Forthcoming Through These Eyes)
Kuthi Jinani – Corals [FFF Remix] (Beat Machine Records)
LCP – Undiluted / Clairvoyance (Literature Recordings)
Thug Widow – Blunt End Of The Heel (Western Lore)
Bakground And Sangam – 90s Living EP (Forthcoming Lobster Theremin)

Bonus Ten (Non DnB)

Tenebre – Polystructures EP (WNCL)
Denham Audio – The Breakbeat Compendium (Forthcoming WNCL)
Daniel Maunick – Macumba Quebrada (Far Out Recordings)
Gawd Status – Firmamentum (Tru Thoughts)
Theo Parrish – What You Gonna Ask For [Dego Mix] (Sound Signature)
LCSM – EP 1 (Super-Sonic Jazz Records)
Tenderlonious – Think Twice (22a)
Zodiac Childs – Future Primitive EP (Zodiac Wax)
Dogpatrol – The Return Of The Gorgons (Sneaker Social Club)
Azymuth – Space Jazz Carnival [Global Communication Remix] (Far Out Recordings)

Compiled by Dave Sector

Influences “Champion Sound” Defrostatica

To celebrate the release of the “Youth EP” on Defrostatica Records we asked Champion Sound for a small rundown of influential tracks that have helped shape their sound. Dub and reggae sound system culture has been a major influence on the trio, for Distant Roots this began with a chance encounter with Scientist on a Grand Theft Auto soundtrack, the three members of Champion Sound also played together in a live reggae band before turning their passion of jungle into producing electronic music.

The “Youth EP” continues the trio’s adventure into reggae fused drum and bass featuring the vocals of Kingston dancehall legend Hawkeye on lead track “Ghetto Youth” with a turbocharged breakbeat mix by US vaporwave artist Nmesh. Elsewhere on the EP blog favourite Sun People goes full-on dancefloor mode with his take on “Talk”.

Exclusive Premiere: Champion Sound – Ghetto Youth Featuring Hawkeye [Nmesh Remix] (Defrostatica)

Buy: Bandcamp

Scientist – Your Teeth In My Neck

I first heard this track in a computer game called “GTA3”. At that time I didn’t know anything about dub. After a while, I decided to figure out what kind of music it was. I returned to the soundtrack and found out it was by Scientist and listened to his entire discography, then moving on to other artists from the genre. It was already impossible to stop me, so it’s safe to say that this track changed my life. (Distant Roots)

Theory – I Saw You Girl

45seven is the most important label for us as Champion Sound started with blessings from LXC. This track is an example of the scientific approach of the label. 7″ records can sound better than some 12’s and the bass is absolutely murderous, it’s amazing! (Neekeetone)

Amit – Red Flag

We play this track at all our parties. Powerful bass and heavy drums that make you dance even if you are tired. We have two copies of this record in our collection, even if one of them goes bad, we’ll be able to continue playing this tune anyway! Absolute killer! (Distant Roots)

The Prodigy – We Eat Rhythm (Jungle Mix)

This is one of those things that changed my life. I was a little boy when I saw the “Electronic Punks” video, this track played at the beginning and the end. I was a real fan of The Prodigy and always try to find some bootlegs or different versions, this track was really hard to find but I still think that it’s brilliant. (Neekeetone)

Moresounds – We Are Tribe

It is about how modern music is stepping forward from the roots. For me, this track has magic vibes from the old times, but at the same time, it’s so futuristic. (Neekeetone)

Link: Soundcloud