Two Hungry Ghosts Chart (October 2019)

Two Hungry Ghosts Chart (October 2019)

Various Artists – Volume 10 [The Remixes] (Forthcoming Globex Corp)
Various Artists – LT-GLOBE-XXX (Lobster Theremin x Globex Corp)
Es.tereo – Ra EP (Forthcoming Cosmic Bridge)
Pessimist – Burundanga EP (Forthcoming UVB-76)
HLZ – Ultradogs (Forthcoming Metalheadz)
Out Of Fuel – Number Six (Forthcoming Ronin Ordinance)
Sicknote And Escher – Taster (Forthcoming Stereocilia)
Resslek – Pilz (Forthcoming Citate Forms)
BrandNewTrumpets – Pranayama (Forthcoming Diffrent Music)
Slider And Expose – Be Right Here (Forthcoming Lossless Music)
Sun People – It’s Yours (Forthcoming Through These Eyes)
Kuthi Jinani – Corals [FFF Remix] (Beat Machine Records)
LCP – Undiluted / Clairvoyance (Literature Recordings)
Thug Widow – Blunt End Of The Heel (Western Lore)
Bakground And Sangam – 90s Living EP (Forthcoming Lobster Theremin)

Bonus Ten (Non DnB)

Tenebre – Polystructures EP (WNCL)
Denham Audio – The Breakbeat Compendium (Forthcoming WNCL)
Daniel Maunick – Macumba Quebrada (Far Out Recordings)
Gawd Status – Firmamentum (Tru Thoughts)
Theo Parrish – What You Gonna Ask For [Dego Mix] (Sound Signature)
LCSM – EP 1 (Super-Sonic Jazz Records)
Tenderlonious – Think Twice (22a)
Zodiac Childs – Future Primitive EP (Zodiac Wax)
Dogpatrol – The Return Of The Gorgons (Sneaker Social Club)
Azymuth – Space Jazz Carnival [Global Communication Remix] (Far Out Recordings)

Compiled by Dave Sector

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