Two Hungry Ghosts Chart (August 2019)

Two Hungry Ghosts Chart (August 2019)

Black Barrel – Elevate EP (Forthcoming Metalheadz)
Mahakala – The Realms (Mahakala)
Rainforest – Perhaps (Mettāsonic)
Lynch Kingsley – Astral Pulse/Capricorn (Forthcoming Foxy Jangle)
Sonar’s Ghost – No 1 [Feel It]/For Real (Forthcoming Amenology)
DYL – Interwind World Gate 1/2 (Forthcoming Literature Records)
Stunna – Last September (Forthcoming Mettāsonic)
Necrotype And Tim Reaper – Exclusive To Bandcamp E.P (7th Storey Projects)
Sicknote – Coiled Miracle (???)
Martyn – B.C. 2 (Ostgut Ton)

Bonus Ten (Non DnB)

Merking 9 To 5 – Lost In The 90s (Unofficial)
Drummotive – 77 Astro Black (Next Phase Records)
Same Speed Edits – Volume 3 (Same Speed Edits)
Marenn Sukie – Had Enough Rain (Next Phase Records)
Beringei – The People, The Place (WotNot Music)
Ana Mazzotti – Ana Mazzotti (Far Out Recordings)
Abro Featuring KerenDun – Honey Bee (Raw Tapes)
Various Artists – Snail’s Pace (Futurepast Zine)
Strange U – DVSCTR Edits (Unofficial)
Special Request – Bedroom Tapes (Houndstooth)

Compiled by Dave Sector

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