Exclusive Premiere: Fushara – We Live And Dream (7th Storey Projects)

Fushara aka Thushara Goonewardene is a London based electronic musician working with breakbeats, samples and synthesisers. A constant theme for his music is urban decay. From the late ’90s, Fushara has been involved with the London scene as a raver, DJ, and Producer. He has crafted experimental work for labels such as Pineconemoonshine, MJAZZ, Criterion Records and Scientific Recordings. In 2015 he set up an imprint Lone Foundation to showcase experimental bass music collaborating with DAAT and others.

“We Live And Dream” is taken from the 25th release on 7th Storey Projects, Fushara’s new album “Tomorrow’s Symbolism”.

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Exclusive Premiere: Metro – In The Beginning (MJAZZ)

Taken from the “In The Beginning” vinyl only single by Justice and Metro, this is a highly limited lathe cut release exclusive to this weekends Clashmouth event.

Similar to the Dave Charlesworth “Energiser” releases of the early 90’s both sides of “In The Beginning” sample seminal hardcore classics then reassemble them into original tracks.

Featuring an iconic dove logo on one side and a smiley face on the other the artwork captures the halcyon drug-fuelled days of rave culture.

A highly collectable trainspotters dream this release is limited to only a handful of copies so we recommend getting down to Clashmouth this Saturday early doors if you can.

A mixtape of “In The Beginning” by Justice and Metro featuring all the tracks that have been sampled and more will also be available on the day as a limited edition cassette.


Vali NME Click – A Mental Atmosphere (Hardcore Jungle 2012 – 2018)

Mixed by Parallax Recordings boss Vali Nme Click, a selection of his favourite Hardcore and Jungle tunes from the last couple of years plus some forthcoming Parallax bits…

Vali NME Click – Mental Atmosphere (Hardcore Jungle 2012 – 2018)

Tim Reaper – Mental Atmosphere (Forthcoming Parallax)
FX – Twilight (7th Storey Projects)
Response & Pliskin – Plastic Face (Lore LTD)
Time Reaper – Medieval Tune (Globex Inc 5)
Hornchurch Hardcore – Psychosis Revisited (Dark Age)
Junglismonk – Dark Dolla (Modified Magic)
Innercore Project – Pinnacle (ICP 1)
Tim Reaper – TR1 (Dark Age)
Dust e-1 – 4 The Thorough (Collect Call)
Dwarde & Tim Reaper – Can´t Touch This (Globex Corp 4)
Innercore – 24 Track Mix (Peace On Wax)
Thumps & Bumps – Bash Your Face In (KHK 002)
Champa B – Brainstormer (Modified Magic)
Tim Reaper – Journey To The Moon (Forthcoming Parallax)
Unknown – New Clear Attack (CRW 001)
Peter Darker feat. Wayne Darkley – R U Read-E (7th Storey Projects)
Eze G – Start It Again Remix (Unatural Light)
Pete Cannon – Answer Me (Kniteforce)
Tim Reaper & Worldwide Epidemic – Operator (Globex Corp)
Hornchurch Hardcore II – Flashback (Dark Age)
DJ Jedi – Automaton (Phat Bubba)
Tim Reaper – Dope Break (Forthcoming Parallax)
Champa B – Drop It Back (Ruff Cutz)
FX – Hound Of The Baskervilles (Demonic Possession)
Unknown Artist – Lo Poisn (CRW 001)
Dub & Wheel – Guidance 93 (Cool ’n’ Easy)
DJ Dextrous & H Pee – TIme To Move [Ben Kei Remix] (Dalston Chillies)
FFF – Digital General (PRSPCT RVLT)
FX – The Devil’s Work (Demonic Posession)
Hornchurch Hardcore – Delta Trip (Dark Age)
Kloke – Artificial Memories (Diamond Life)
Yorobi & Tim Reaper – Rhodiola (Forthcoming Parallax)

Links: Online Store / Soundcloud

Exclusive Premiere: Forest Drive West – Inverse (UVB-76)

“Inverse” by Forest Drive West is taken from the forthcoming Various Artist EP “UVB-76-011 released November 9th.

A solid drum machine groove enriched with layered Soul Pride edits “Inverse” is a dark and brooding blend of techno and jungle. Raw drum and bass reduced to a punishing combination of stark bleak bass and filtered drum shuffles. Bleeps oscillate warning of impending danger and flashes of texture are strewn across the track like paint on a black canvas.

The EP also features the UVB-76 debut of Entire, Nekyia and DB1.

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Two Hungry Ghosts Chart (November 2018)

Two Hungry Ghosts Chart (November 2018)

Nucleus And Paradox – Azha (Forthcoming Metalheadz)
Various Artists – UVB-76-011 (Forthcoming UVB-76)
Various Artists – Rare Feel EP (Forthcoming Next Phase)
Fushara – Tomorrow’s Symbolism LP (7th Storey Projects)
Fearful, Dexta And Mtwn – Pulse 0 (Forthcoming Diffrent)
Sicknote – Rough Coast (Stereocilia Clashmouth Exclusive)
Justice And Metro – In The Beginning [Parts 1&2] (MJAZZ Clashmouth Exclusive)
Coco Bryce – Gunna (Forthcoming 7th Storey Projects)
Proc Fiskal – Soundwise (Forthcoming Astrophonica)
Total Dark – Tenement Yard Jungle [VIP] (Forthcoming Parazone)

Compiled by Dave Sector

Exclusive Premiere: Thing – Link To The Past (Repertoire)

Estonia’s Thing joins Repertoire with his take on the contemporary jungle sound on his forthcoming “Lack of Diversity EP”.

Somewhat ironically titled the release covers a broad spectrum of drum and bass styles centered around classic 90’s breaks. “Link To The Past” begins with gentle percussion and natural sounds before an encyclopedia of legendary breaks are unleashed. Organic sounds are soon replaced with twisted mentasms and drum filters before returning for a delicate breakdown complimented with drifting pads. The breaks soon return for a powerful second section with yet more intricate chops and edits.

The EP is released on November 2nd available from the Repertoire Bandcamp.

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Exclusive Premiere: Sicknote – Rough Coast (Stereocilia)

Exclusive Premiere of “Rough Coast” by Sicknote from the first release on his new label Stereocilia.

Heavily influenced by the mid-nineties progressive drum and bass movement “Rough Coast” combines the beauty of Good Looking and the dark complexity of Metalheadz.

The track opens with wave samples and soaring chords creating a serene sundrenched atmosphere before the calmness is then broken by beats that arrive, twist then filter away before returning with venom backed with an army of Reese basslines and piercing stabs.

Exclusive to the Clashmouth independent drum and bass label market in November this will be available as a highly limited lathe cut vinyl release backed with “Trouble” featuring Escher.