Blame – Visions Of Alpha [Unreleased] (Free Download)

This week, Blame very kindly released this previously dubplate only track as a free download. Highly in demand, “Visions Of Alpha” fuses two of his most celebrated tracks from the Logical Progression/720/Good Looking era, namely “Visions Of Mars” and “Alpha 7”.

The download can be accessed via Google Drive now.

Many thanks to Conrad for allowing us to upload this stream, feel free to give him a shout/follow to show your appreciation.


A THGXTMID Mix: Haze City – Calling Planet Earth (Cosmic & Deep Jazz Mixtape)

The Two Hungry Ghosts X Tell Me I’m Dreaming mixtape series continues with sixty minutes of cosmic and deep jazz, selected by producer Haze City (Cassé Records, Bristol).

The first to admit “he’s not a club DJ” this mix has been carefully designed to create a space for thought and reflection. Tracks are neatly interwoven into a natural and balanced journey. Spiritual messages and joyous melodies fill the selection in an uplifting celebration of planet earth and it’s creation.

Featuring Sun Ra, Art Ensemble of Chicago, Lloyd Miller, Horace Trapscott & The Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra, drop out and lose yourself in this deep, cosmic journey.

Haze City is a resident on Noods Radio, with a show every second Sunday of the month, where he plays inspirations and new discoveries, from Spiritual Jazz to Broken Beat.

Check out the Cassé Records back catalogue for a range of Nu-Jazz and Future Soul.

Haze City – Calling Planet Earth (Cosmic & Deep Jazz Mixtape)

Carlos Nino – “Friends”
Sun Ra – “Calling Planet Earth”
Art Ensemble of Chicago – “Mama Koto”
Dorothy Ashby – “Wax and Wane”
Ohio Penitentiary Jazz Ensemble – “Psych City”
Erick Cosaque – “Kominike”
Lloyd Miller – “Gol-E Gandom”
Mulatu Astatke – Yekermo Sew”
Fitz Gore – “Gisela”
Obie Jessie Quartet – “Black King”
Horace Trapscott & The Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra – “Peyote Song No iii”
Andrew Hill – “Illusion”
Pharoah Sanders – “Astral Travelling”
Lonnie Liston Smith – “Sais”

Links: Haze City Bandcamp / Tell Me I’m Dreaming

A THGXTMID Mix: Luís Barata Da Rocha – Fechando O Verão (Brasil Mixtape)

Two Hungry Ghosts and Tell Me I’m Dreaming team up for a regular series of Sunday Morning mixtapes.

Inspired by their work together on BS1212, an online Radio Show that featured guest mixes and regular selections from Neil Sherwood (Tell Me I’m Dreaming), Dave Sector (Two Hungry Ghosts) and good friends Black Classical and Sonar’s Ghost, this series of mixtapes will set the tone for lazy Sunday’s and provide a soundtrack for those after-party recovery sessions.

First up is Luís Barata Da Rocha with 70 minutes of music from Brasil, a regular listener to the BS1212 show this mix so impressed jazz authority Black Classical we knew it would be the perfect way to launch the series.

Sit back and close the Summer with Luís Barata Da Rocha’s enchanting and uplifting mix.

Luís Barata Da Rocha – Fechando O Verão (Brasil Mixtape)

01. “A Última Sessão de Música” (Milton Nascimento)
Milton Nascimento, “Milagre dos Peixes” LP
XSMOFB-3762 / 1973 Odeon

02. “Águas de Março” (Antônio Carlos Jobim)
João Gilberto, “João Gilberto” LP
2451 037 / 1973 Polydor

03. “O Sol Nascerá” (Cartola, Elton Medeiros)
Cartola, “O Divino Cartola” 7” EP
‎3087 / 1964 Mocambo

04. “Barracão” (Luiz Antônio, Oldemar Magalhães)
Pernambuco do Pandeiro e Seu Regional, “Batucando No Morro” LP
LP TR – 002 / 1958 Tiger Alta Fidelidade

05. “Vim de Sant’ana” (Theo de Barros)
Quarteto Novo, “Quarteto Novo” LP
MOFB 3503 / 1967 Odeon

06. “Trupe” (Amaro Freitas)
Amaro Freitas, “Rasif” LP
FARO205LP / 2018 Far Out Recordings

07. “Sanfona” (Hermeto Pascoal)
Hermeto Pascoal, “Made Of Music” 12” EP
20180415 / 2018 Budweiser

08. “Embolada das Meninas” (Tradicional)
Beija-Flor e Treme Terra, “Música Popular do Nordeste 4” LP
403.5004 / 1973 Discos Marcus Pereira

09. “Esquenta Mulher” (Sebastião Biano)
Bandinha de Pífano, “Zabumba Caruaru” LP
104233 / 1972 CBS Entré

10. “Xeêm” (José Clementino, Luiz Gonzaga)
Camarão, “A Bandinha do Camarão” LP
CALB-5171 / 1969 RCA Camden

11. “Ritmo”
Sadao Watanabe, “Sadao Meets Brazilian Friends” LP
XMS-10003-CT / 1968 Columbia Takt Jazz Series

12. “Naturalmente” (Caetano Veloso, João Donato)
Fafá de Belém, “Êmoriô / Naturalmente” 7” Single
2171138 / 1975 Polydor

13. “A Gira” (Beto Scala, Umberto Silva)
Trio Ternura, “A Gira / Last Tango In Paris” 7” Single
2171075 / 1973 Polydor

14. “Batá-Cotô” (Hélio Rocha Filho, Paulo Sales Galvão)
Free-Son, “Banguelê” LP
SFC 371.001 / 1972 Solar Fidelity

15. “Baianá” (Maria do Carmo Barbosa de Melo)
Barbatuques, “Brasingles Vol. 2” 12” Maxi-Single
OMSD004 / 2018 Selva Discos

16. “Boa Noite (Tahira Rework)” (Traditional)
Baianas de Ipioca / Maceió / Alagoas, “Baianas / Alagoas – Documentário Sonoro do Folclore Brasileiro Nº 21” 7” EP
CDFB-021 / 1977 Funarte

17. “Cavalinho Cavalão (Tahira Edit)” (Sebastião Biano)
Banda de Pífanos de Caruaru, “Batuki / Cavalinho Cavalão” 12″ EP
TJ001 / 2016 Tiff’s Joints

18. “O Galho da Roseira (The Branches Of The Rose Tree) Part II” (Paschoal José da Costa, Vergelina Eulália de Oliveira)
Airto, “Seeds On The Ground – The Natural Sounds Of Airto” LP
BDS-5085 / 1971 Buddah Records

19. “Selim” (Hermeto Pascoal)
Miles Davis, “Live-Evil” LP
G 30954 / 1971 Columbia

20. “Sim” (Cartola, Oswaldo Martins)
Cartola, “Cartola”
MPL 9302 / 1975 Discos Marcus Pereira

Link: Tell Me I’m Dreaming

Goldie “Demonz (Gremlinz & Jesta Remix)” 2019

It’s been 25 years since the inception of the Metalheadz label and 21 years since Goldie released “Saturnz Return“, the follow-up to 1995’s “Timeless” (which is still seen by many as the pinnacle of progressive 90’s drum and bass albums).


Saturnz Return” famously spawned the crossover “Temper Temper”, with Noel Gallagher from Oasis on vocals, but more importantly unleashed the tearing amens of “Chico – Death Of A Rockstar” and the alternative version of “Fury”, entitled “Fury – The Origin”. The original mix of this appeared on the Moving Shadow release “Two On One (Issue 1)” credited as Rufige Kru in 1994.

The LP is being reissued described as a “Remastered and Expanded Anniversary Edition” including new remixes from Gremlinz & Jesta, Martyn, HLZ, DjRum and Dengue Dengue Dengue plus other rarities and classic remixes. The album also features new sleeve notes from Carl Loben.

The Gremlinz & Jesta remix of “Demonz” can now be streamed below, its a subtle and sharp update demonstrating the impact of fierce bass tones and a swarm of stabbing melodies.

Buy: Goldie Store

Rainforest “Jaguar Klan” (Next Phase Records)

“Jaguar Klan” by Rainforest is taken from the “Hard Times EP” released on Next Phase Records, a collection of four dub-inspired futuristic Drum & Bass tracks.

Injecting halftime rhythms with full speed breaks Rainforest creates a refreshing and captivating take on Modern Jungle. Tribal percussion and basslines that swell with an ominous vibrancy help build four distinct visions of the future. Pads are used to enhance this sonic landscape rather than dominate it as menacing synths battle against energetic drum edits.

The “Hard Times EP” uses this auditory arena to address current threats that affect our planet, most notably through the use of a vocal sample on the title track pointing out the “injustice, intolerance and huge environmental challenges” facing the globe. With this in mind, the productions still have a real positivity about them stressing the importance of hope and change in a fight to change the future.

Buy: Bandcamp


Vega B2B Holsten Live At Blood Test

It will come as no surprise when I say that UVB-76 is one of my favourite modern labels. Their tracks are direct and to the point, dark without being overbearing, deep yet perfect for moshing around dance floors. They have crafted their own unique sound and have one of the most distinctive brands in drum and bass with their sinister chalk drawn characters.

You can listen to label boss Vega recorded back to back with one of the scenes, and labels, most exciting young producers Holsten recorded live from a recent Blood Test session at the Jam Jar before the UVB76 X Noise Test event the following month.

Links: Bandcamp / Soundcloud


R-CORE “Panic Buttons” (Free Download)

“Panic Buttons” is an energetic throwback to the early days of the rave scene by Sonar’s Ghost hardcore alter ego, R-CORE.

A time when simple loops synced in unison coupled with sampled musical sections and techno elements could create the next big anthem.

Raw, visceral and loaded with the energy of an early nineties teenager “Panic Buttons” pays respect to the DJ’s and artists that helped to forge the UK’s burgeoning breakbeat scene through infamous outdoor raves and obscure white label releases.

Links: Soundcloud / Bandcamp

DJINN “Dubstep Set Live At Rupture”

DJINN recorded live at Rupture playing sixty minutes of old skool dubstep and 140 jungle. This set formed part of the crews 12th birthday celebrations which took place on November 16th 2018 at Corsica Studios.

The next Rupture event takes place this Friday, 7th June 2019, with DJs Digital, Double O and Mantra headlining the main room with an exclusive set from Levl (Forest Drive West, DB1 and Felix X). Fracture and the Astrophonica crew take over Room 2 while John from Foul Play, Coco Bryce and FFF host a jungle session in The Columbian.

DJINN “Dubstep Set Live At Rupture”

Pearson Sound – REM (Pearson Sound)
Perverse – NY State of Mind (Artikal)
SPMC – Airlock (Tempa)
Biome – Quasar (Macabre Unit)
Pugilist – Solaris (Artikal)
Asylum – Salvage (Uprise Audio)
Commodo – Northern Soul (Deep Medi)
Darqwan – Warrior Stance (Texture)
Innasekt – Static (Frijsfo Beats)
Bar 9 – Murder Sound [Cluekid Remix] (Z Audio)
J:Kenzo – Conqueror (2nd Drop)
Darqwan – Jahwan (Tectonic)
DJ Madd – Babylon (Subway)
Sigha And Spherix – Lesser People (Immerse)
Biome And Demon – Incubus (Macabre Unit)
Search And Destroy – Day Break (Destructive)
VIVEK – Spread Love (Deep Medi)
Killawat – Sidewinder [Ipman Remix] (Black Box)
Breakage – Tugz (Digital Soundboy)
​Tes La Rok – Them (Noppa)

Links: Rupture / DJINN


Cutting It “A Dubplate Special”

Cutting It “A Dubplate Special” is a short feature put together by Martha McAlpine for Resident Advisor demonstrating the importance of one-off cuts in this digital age.

Featuring contributions by Peckham Cuts, Rye Wax, Pete from On The Corner and a brief cameo by Bob from West Norwood Cassette Library the mini-documentary captures the relevance of physical products and the allure of exclusivity.

Links: Martha McAlpine / Peckham Cuts / Resident Advisor