THG005: Various Artists – This Used To Be The Sound Of The Future

This Used To Be The Sound Of The Future” is a compilation consisting of tracks made for, or featured on, the original incarnation of the Two Hungry Ghosts blog.

This 20 track album contains songs by Gremlinz, Earl Grey and Greenleaf, as well as previously incognito collaborations between Dave Sector and Dominic Stanton under the Romero and Argento guises (both named after a shared enjoyment of Italian horror movies).

References to the formative years of drum and bass feature throughout the album, from the Creative Source inspired “Floral” to Acid_Lab’s Photek style drum patterns.

Other highlights include the frantic jungle of Earl Grey’s “Sick Mate”, and the atmospheric, DeeJay Recordings tone of Scape’s three tracks.

Although some of these were available for free several years ago, many are remastered and available in a lossless format here for the first time. The 1995 version of “Show Me” by The Regression Sessions (Sonar’s Ghost) was previously unreleased.

Many thanks to all the artists involved, whose passion for golden era 90s drum and bass fuelled this project. Also to Robb from Next Phase, a guiding force during the early years of the blog, and a consistent source of inspiration. Thanks to Chris from Omni Music for putting me in touch with many of these artists, and allowing me to feature remixes of “The Hidden” previously released on his label.

To Dominic, for producing the Romero and Argento projects with me, and providing so much great music to feature on the blog while still undercover.

Lastly, to the second Hungry Ghost, for being there from the start and helping me realise my vision.

This compilation wouldn’t be possible without you all!

Like all Two Hungry Ghosts releases, the proceeds from this download will go to charities who focus on homelessness, hunger and poverty around the UK.

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