THG X Noods W/ Dave Sector (March 2019)

Sixty minute journey through modern jungle taking in liquid, amen rinse outs, fauxtek breaks and new old school. Selected and mixed by Dave Sector.

Two Hungry Ghosts – Noods Radio (March 2019)

Lenzman – Flatbush (Forthcoming Metalheadz)
Javano – Easy Does It (Brackwood Audio)
Sicknote And Sweetpea – The First Time (???)
??? – A1 (White Label)
MAC-V – Paradigm Twist (???)
Acid_Lab – Substance (Self Released)
Skanna – Fine Me [MAC-V Remix] (???)
Contact Lost – Realtime (???)
Acid_Lab – Fear The Fear (Self Released)
Contact Lost – And Here Begins The Future (???)
RQ – Flaming Swords (???)
??? – B1 (White Label)
J Majik – Eclipse (Forthcoming Infrared)
Foul Play – The Finest Break Beat Illusion [Unofficial Edit] (???)

Broadcast on Noods Radio 21/03/19 between 14:00-15:00.

THG X Noods W/ Sonar’s Ghost Guest Mix (February 2019)

Sixty minutes of classic tracks and forthcoming material including an exclusive guest mix by Sonar’s Ghost to celebrate the release of his “The Ride EP” on Dope Plates.

Two Hungry Ghosts – Noods Radio (February 2019)

Textasy – Ambient Track 43-12
Om Unit And Kid Drama – Untitled 4
??? – ???
Solace – Music Of The Nation
Bay B Kane – Jazz Mint
Fanu – Drums For Freedom
Okee – Them Solutions
Fast Floor – Tripping On Sunshine
X-Altera – Link Stratum Of Archipelagos
The Chameleon – Just Close Your Eyes and Listen
L-Major – Raving Cru (Played On 45)
Dillinja – Breathe
Circa 96 – Cave Dweller (Dwarde Caving In Remix)
EZE-G – Music Box
Dust-E-1 – One On One
2 in Time – Deep State
Sonic – 8082devast8
Dead Man’s Chest And Sonic – Pum Flex

Broadcast on Noods Radio 21/02/19 between 14:00-15:00.

THG X Noods W/ Tim Reaper Guest Mix (January 2019)

The first show of 2019 kicks off with forthcoming material on Western Lore, Beat Machine and Bun The Grid followed by an exclusive 45-minute mix by Tim Reaper (Globex Corporation, 7th Storey, Blog To The Old Skool).

Two Hungry Ghosts – Noods Radio (January 2019)

Javano – Overturn
Sonic – Serendipity
Pablo Dread – Fyah Burnin (Fixate Remix)
Bulu And Etch – Collide (Itoa Remix)
Sonic – Volcan
H.M.P – Runin’s (Origin Unknown Remix)
DJ Rap And Voyager – Rhythm (Remix)
Dwarde, Gand & Tim Reaper – Globex Corp Vol.4 A2
Fugitive – 70 Billion People
Dwarde And Tim Reaper – Night Journey
Cloud 9 – The Ultimate Seduction
Coco Bryce – ??
?? – ??
Spinback – In Effect (Remix)
Tim Reaper – Mental Atmosphere
Kid Lib – ??
Missing – Breakpoint
A One Sound – The Tip-Off
Midi Magic – Fantasia
Lemon D – Don’t Make Me Wait
Sy-uss & Reality – Missing Link

Broadcast on Noods Radio 17/01/19 between 14:00-15:00.

THG X Noods Atmospheric Special W/ Nibbers (December 2018)

The December 2018 edition of the Two Hungry Ghosts show on Noods Radio saw Nibbers take over the controls for a selection of late 90’s-early 00’s Atmospheric Drum & Bass.

An all-vinyl selection featuring music from labels like Good Looking, 720 and Looking Good.

Two Hungry Ghosts – Noods Radio (December 2018)

Indica – Bypass [720 Degrees]
Nookie – Innerspace [Good Looking Records]
Scalar – Solar [Good Looking Records]
Inner-Vations – Unite Earth [Cadence Recordings]
Inner-Vations – Dream Reality [Phat Phunk Records]
Nu Moon – Like This [Good Looking Records]
Laroque – Sublime Intervention [Looking Good Records]
Moonchild – Streams [Looking Good Records]
Mykra – Chimes [Expressions]
Odyssey – Ritual (Deep Blue Alternative Dub) [720 Degrees]

Broadcast on Noods Radio 12/12/18 between 1:00-2:00am.

THG X Noods Radio (October 2018)

60 minutes of Dark and Experimental Drum and Bass featuring forthcoming releases on Metalheadz, MJAZZ, Seventh Storey, Next Phase and a track from the forthcoming Fearless LP on Diffrent.

Two Hungry Ghosts – Noods (October 2018)

DYL – Space Programe (Alphacut)
Sonar’s Ghost – The Vernacular (Unreleased)
Quartz – Ghastly (Forthcoming Metalheadz)
Jubei And Tyrone – Stabs (Metalheadz)
Holsten – Abscess (DROOGS)
Fanu – Recharge (Forthcoming Metalheadz)
Mahakala – The Exodus (Not On Label)
Justice And Metro – Navigator (Forthcoming MJAZZ)
Fearful And Arkaik [Featuring Codebreaker] – Evangelist (Forthcoming Diffrent)
Justice – In The Beginning (Forthcoming MJAZZ)
JunglisMonk – Dark Dolla (Modified Magic)
Sicknote, Dissect And Justice – Swiftly (Forthcoming MJAZZ)
Fushara – Memories (Forthcoming Seventh Storey Productions)
Okee – Them Solutions (Forthcoming Next Phase Records)
2 Bad Mice – Hold It Down [Justice And Metro Remix] (MJAZZ)

Broadcast on Noods Radio 18/10/18 hosted by Dave Sector.

THG X Noods Radio W/ Dave Sector (August 2018)

30 minutes of Atmospheric Drum and Bass plus 30 minutes of Amen fuelled Jungle.

Two Hungry Ghosts – Noods (August 2018)

Abyss – Slow And Easy (Intro)
Necrotype – Yosei (Diamond Life)
SoulStructure Featuring Tim Cant – Infinity (Jazzsticks)
Conspire – Supernova (Kriterion)
Tokyo Prose – Brilliant Corners (The North Quarter)
Sonar’s Ghost – Box Of Delights AKA Gabe’s Song (Unreleased)
NCQL – Professional Daydreamer (Subtle Audio)
Sonar’s Ghost – So Deep [Alt Demo] (Unreleased)
Tim And Coco – E Is For [Sonar’s Ghost VIP] (Unreleased)
LQ And Sekkleman – Junglist Rock [Ricky Force Remix] (Echo Chamber Sound)
Sonar’s Ghost – Praise Em [VIP] (Unreleased)
X Nation – Kiss Me Neck (Foundation X Black)
Army Of Ghosts – Dreamin (Unreleased)
The Invisible Man – The Beginning [Army Of Ghosts Remix] (Unreleased)

Many thanks to Coco Bryce aka Yoël Yaïr, SoulStructure, Jamie Conspire and Alexander Kozakopoulos, Code Subtle Audio, Ben LQ, X Nation aka Daniel Vye and my good friend Dominic Stanton for putting out the good good…

Broadcast on Noods Radio 16/08/18 hosted by Dave Sector.