THG X Noods – Room 2 W/ Digital And Outrage (Influences Set)

Different from other drum and bass shows, “Two Hungry Ghosts Present Room 2” will showcase a different guest each month with a multi-genre selection.

This will either be an hour of influences (from any genre) or sets where anything goes (except drum and bass).

The first show aired on December 2nd with Digital and Outrage (from the iconic and progressive Metalheadz label) to celebrate the release of their “Kingdom EP”, their first release as a duo on Headz.

The EP features three tracks of murky dub fused jungle, with the lead track “Kingdom” providing a rapturous explosion of perfectly programmed drums and low-end bass. Undoubtedly, one of my highlights from the 2020 Metalheadz discography.

In their Room 2 selection, expect a fast rotation of dub, reggae, early hip hop, bleeps and jungle…

Tracklist to be added at a later date.


THG X Noods One.Seventy Takeover W/ Alexander (February 2020)

Alexander from One.Seventy hosts this special edition of the Two Hungry Ghosts show on Noods radio, featuring unreleased, exclusive and forthcoming music from the likes of Barefoot, Entire, DYL and Friske.

Two Hungry Ghosts – One.Seventy Takeover Tracklist (February 2020)

LXC – Cyanz (45 Seven)
DB1 – Late Night (Molt)
Paragon – The Lies You’re Telling Featuring Larry O’Donnell (Groundwork)
Barefoot – Collapse (Groundwork)
??? – ??? (Unreleased)
Entire – White Teeth (Unreleased)
Barefoot – Untitled (Unreleased)
DYL – Flow (Unreleased)
Friske – City Limits (Droogs)
Dexta – Cyclops (AWRA)
Simstah – Oblivious (re:st)
Barefoot – Fulmar (re:st)

First broadcast on NOODS Radio 20th February 2020 between 14:00-15:00.

THG X Noods W/ Dave Sector (January 2020)

The first show of 2020 features forthcoming music on Metalheadz, Sneaker Social Club, 45Seven and re:st as well as an amazing unreleased track by DYL. Starting off with lo-fi sounds at both 126 and 170 bpm we then enter a small dub section before three brand new tracks on the legendary Headz label, including two cuts from the forthcoming “Exiles EP” from Zero T and Beta 2, sounding just like Photek had returned to his cult “Modus Operandi” phase.

THG X Noods W/ Dave Sector (January 2020)

Eusebia – Pray (re:st)
Eusebia – Repose (re:st)
Hooverian Blue – Laluviah (Sneaker Social Club)
LCP – Bedroom Raver (re:st)
Dominic Ridgway And Mauoq – Snow White Ballad (Regression Media)
DYL And DB1 – Uniformity Of Nature (Detach)
DB1 – Late Night (Mold)
DYL – Season (???)
Om Unit – Peninsula (Self-Release)
LXC Featuring Emperor Echo – How Bleep Is Your Dub? (45Seven)
Zero T And Beta 2 – Dead Cert (Metalheadz)
Seba And Paradox – Hexagon (Metalheadz)
Zero T And Beta 2 – Misdemeanour (Metalheadz)
Farz – This Life (Peer Pressure)

First broadcast on NOODS Radio 16th January 2020 between 14:00-15:00.

THG X Noods W/ Dave Sector (December 2019)

The last show of the year sees a return to normal service with Dave Sector taking the hot seat after two months of specials with Cambrian Line and Black Classical.

Starting with an exclusive from Eusebeia’s forthcoming EP on re:st into a series of unofficial edits from Merking 9 To 5 and Om Unit this edition begins on a downtempo tip before launching into a drum and bass selection including unreleased music by Mister Shifter, Venom and Defender.

THG X Noods W/ Dave Sector (December 2019)

Eusebeia – Cardinal (Forthcoming re:st)
Blahzay X Lemon D – Urban Style Danger (Unofficial)
Photek X Lauryn Hill – Lost In The 90s (Unofficial)
A.D.O.R X Tek-9 – F.U. For The Trouble (Unofficial)
David Axelrod X Om Unit – The Human Abstract (Unofficial)
Sonar’s Ghost – I Got Watcha Need (Forthcoming Two Hungry Ghosts)
M.O.A.D – Dangerous (Self-Released)
Mister Shifter – Dreada VIP (???)
Venom – Suspicions [Regrets Mix] (???)
Atlas And K Super – Haze (Breakbeat Rebelz)
Eusebeia – Experience Shapes You (Western Lore Limited)
Rumbleton Meets DJ Clear – Easy Me Bredda (Sweet Sensi Records)
Enjoy – Controversial (Dysfunk Music)
Sin, Gremlinz And Jesta – Door Of Guf (3024)
Defender – Feel It [Clarky ReBoot 2019] (???)

First broadcast on NOODS Radio 19th December 2019 between 14:00-15:00.

THG X Noods X Cambrian Line B2B Special W/ Sonar’s Ghost (October 2019)

A specially extended Two Hungry Ghosts show this month as we hook up with James from Cambrian Line for a three hour Noods Radio takeover. The first two hours is a B2B session with Sonar’s Ghost taking over the controls for the final sixty minutes.

Expect modern jungle, twisted half-step, footwork, juke and 90s throwbacks.

Many thanks to Cambrian Line for hosting live from Berlin, you can catch his show on Thursdays, every four weeks, between 15:00-17:00 on Noods Radio.

More info and archives here: Noods Radio X Radio Cambrian Line

THG X Noods X Cambrian Line B2B Special W/ Sonar’s Ghost (October 2019)

Dave Sector B2B Cambrian Line

DYL – The New Kid
DYL – Vaio
RQ – New Earth
Pessimist – Burundanga
Out Of Fuel – Zero System
Sicknote – Ruck
Mark – “We Connect The Right People To Build Relationships That Truly Matter.”
Altered Natives – A.D.O.R.E
Graphs – Broken Legs
Special Request – Stairfoot Lane Bunker (Minor Science Remix)
CM-4 – Acid Drop Gap
Kid Lib – Yeh UH!
Thug Widow – Blunt End Of The Heel
LCP – Undiluted / Clairvoyance
Pessimist – Thug
Paracusia – Graveyard Shift (Homemade Weapons Remix)
Sun People – Work
Rhythm And Sound – Music A Fe Rule (Sun People Edit)
Sully – Porcelain
NC-17 – Judgement
Stones Taro – Full Train
Kozee – Let’s Ride
Warlock – Work Dat Shit
Traxman – Dat Butt
HomeSick – 1800areyouslappin
HomeSick – 1800areyouslappin (Sinistarr Hotline Mix)
Skeleton Army – Catchy Schisms (Etch Slo-Fast Mix)
Dwarde And Tim Reaper – Take Some Time

Sonar’s Ghost

System 7 – Big Sky City (J.O.S Mix)
Hathor And Sotus – Autonomous Parasite
The Untouchables – Baiana
Soul Intent – Rock It
Bungle – Enigma
No Name – Skumaskot
DJ Trace – Dibby (Ilk Remix)
Es.Tereo – Temple Of Ra
Infest – Little Spinner
A.Fruit – Before You Go
Dave Wallace – Light Phase
Dark Ops – Burgundy Breaks
Slider And Expose – All Fall Down
Ant To Be – Done At Midnight
Rude Operator – Broken Sky
D.O.P.E – Travelling (Slow Train to Philly Mix)
Lynch Kingsley – Capricorn
Simon ‘Bassline’ Smith – Midnite
DJ Windmill – Divine Inspiration (Army Of Ghosts VIP)

Broadcast on Noods Radio 17/10/19 between 14:00-17:00.

THG X Noods 1-800-Dubplate Special W/ Dexta And Sicknote (September 2019)

Chris Dexta (Diffrent Music) and Lewis Joyce (Sicknote) take over the Two Hungry Ghosts show with 60 minutes of freshly cut dubplates.

No strangers to the drum and bass community the pair have recently set up 1-800-Dubplate to offer affordable one off lathe cuts and small vinyl runs out of South East London.

The show features the pair spinning various jungle and downtempo tracks they have recently cut for producers and independent labels demonstrating why they are fast becoming an integral part of the drum and bass/boutique label scene.

You can contact the guys via the website where you can also order your very own dubplate/s.


THG X Noods 1-800 Dubplate Special W/ Dexta And Sicknote (September 2019)

Oliver Yorke – U No
Fthmlss – Aloe
Acid Lab – Old Memories
Howitzer – Primer
Justice & Sicknote – I’m Hype
Clyde Avery – Control
Desmond Dekker – Israelistes (Crate Classics Remix)
Lazy H – Counting Sheep
Dub Across Borders – Dua Margu
Dexta & Iliad – Popcorn Riddim
Lewis James – Response
Dyl – Interwind World Gate 1
Lazy H – Himishi
Acid Lab – In Control

Broadcast on Noods Radio 19/09/19 between 14:00-15:00.

THG X Noods Cosmic Mixtape W/ Dave Sector (August 2019)

A 60-minute mix of intergalactic beats to celebrate our one year anniversary on Noods Radio. No talking, just music.

Two Hungry Ghosts – Noods Radio (August 2019)

Projekt 22 – Kaizen (One.Seventy)

I love it when producers do something different, this beatless atmospheric track is captivating and haunting setting the scene perfectly for our little journey into the cosmos. Forthcoming on the One.Seventy LP “Permissions”.

Ghost Warrior – Seven Gates (One.Seventy)

Straight-up science from Ghost Warrior, intricate and detailed edits with a nod to Mr Parkes. Also forthcoming on the “Permissions” LP.

Acid Lab – Another Radius (Guerilla Bass Records)

More “faux-tek” styles, this time from Acid Lab. Even has a cheeky nod to “One Nation”, thanks to Rafael Hermanos for sending me this one! You’re right, I did like it!

Shiken Hanzo – Kali Ma (Repertoire)

Experimental drum and bass from one of the scenes most reliable labels. Forthcoming on Repertoire, the guys continue to push boundaries with this deep, tribal and futuristic take on modern jungle.

Out Of Fuel – Fragments (Ronin Ordinance)

Featuring a pulsating groove with a techno edge, wild electronics and twisted bleeps this track is as intense as they come. Watch out for more from Out Of Fuel forthcoming on Ronin Ordinance later this year.

Unknown92 – Untitled 1 (Genso)

Unknown92 adds to the tension swiftly building a sense of unease and hostility with this track taken from his forthcoming EP on Ronin Ordinance offshoot, Genso. Boisterous, claustrophobic and untamed.

Sicknote – Emerald Estate (Stereocilia)

A perfect blend of rough and smooth. A combative kick drum is tamed by soft ghostly strings, filtered breaks and a delicate horn sample. Dub influenced thugged out science friction.

Sicknote – Coiled Miracle (???)

More unreleased Sicknote, this time built around an unconventional drum break and mystical harmonies. This really reminds me of all that was great about the music in 95/96, full of character, charm and powerful melodies.

Soul Connection – Sun Chaser (Smooth N Groove Records)

When I first heard LTJ Bukem play this I just had to track it down. Crafted around tightly looped breaks and Detroit keys this is intergalactic techno backed with a deep and vigorous bassline.

Chromatic – Blend (Tempo)

Another track supported by LTJ Bukem this featured on the Chromatic EP released on Tempo earlier this year. Jazz style keys and atmospheric chords help to create a perfect liquid influenced roller with just the right amount of funk.

Black Barrel – Lost Meaning (Metalheadz)

Taken from the forthcoming “Elevate EP” on Metalheadz this is an impeccable alchemy of classic 720 and cutting edge Headz. A regression session to when Blame was pushing the “intelligent” sound but taking it intergalactic rather than the aquatic dolphin and wave samples of Good Looking.

Lynch Kingsley – Astral Pulse (Foxy Jangle)

We close with a new track on Foxy Jangle, commonly known for amen rinse outs and 90’s influenced dancefloor releases this is drum and bass at its most atmospheric. The beats are soulful and layers of samples are full of beauty and elegance. A landmark release for the label and a gorgeous way to end the mix.

Broadcast on Noods Radio 15/08/19 between 14:00-15:00.

THG X Noods W/ Sonar’s Ghost And Coco Bryce Downtempo Special (July 2019)

To celebrate the release of “Coco And The Ghost” on 7th Storey Projects we invited the pair to craft a thirty minute each for the show. Typically, they both wanted to do something different for this edition so for the first time check out a Two Hungry Ghosts downtempo special (basically, anything less than 160 BPM).

First thirty minutes are mixed by Sonar’s Ghost and the second by Coco Bryce.

Expect an hour of Jazz, weird Hip-Hop and alternative RnB… Oh, plus some wonky House and wobbly Techno.

Shouts to Mr The Beef for the artwork!

Buy: Coco And The Ghost

Two Hungry Ghosts – Noods Radio (July 2019)

Sonar’s Ghost – Downtempo Mix

Les Dunes D’Ostende – Francois de Roubaix
Yusseff Dayes – Blacked Out
Nuff Pedals – Hang Glide
Arttu Jerry The Cat – Get Up Off It Dexter Remix
Gupi – Dance Alone
Moses Boyd – Rye Lane Shuffle
Da True B-Boy descendent – Blue Nile
Cleo Sol – One
Man and the Echo – Capable Man
Todd Rundgren – Flamingo
Raven – Feeler
O’Flynn – Pluto’s Beating Heart

Coco Bryce – Downtempo Mix

Rhytual – Unsung
Salted Slugs – Tie Dye Mutant Dog Boy
SZA – Broken Clocks
Arlo Parks – I Like
Ssaliva – Sync Thrills
Lil Noid – Paranoid Funk
James Ferraro – Suki Girlz 2
Abra – Vegas
Serengeti – Long Ears
Motëm – Dutty Flute Jam

Broadcast on Noods Radio 18/07/19 between 14:00-15:00.

THG X Noods W/ Foul Play Guest Mix (June 2019)

The June edition of the Two Hungry Ghosts show on Noods Radio features a 30 minute collection of new and upfront tracks selected by Dave Sector, including dubs from Sun People, Missing and Metalheadz. This show also contains a very special guest mix by John from Foul Play containing the radio premieres of the “Drowning In Her” and “Being With You” Rupture VIPS.

Two Hungry Ghosts – Noods Radio (June 2019)

Martyn – Vancouver (Sun People Edit)
Sun People – Challo Challo Motti
Wagz – Hyena
Tyrone – Heaton Dramaz
Madcap – Step To This
Benny L – Vanta Black (Instrumental)
Chromatic Featuring RV – Kavos
Missing – Dubplate Murderer
Sonar’s Ghost – Turn It Out (A Tribute To Tom And Jerry)

**Foul Play Guest Mix**

Missing – Chasing The Dragon
Four Horseman Of The Apocalypse – Drowning In Her (Rupture VIP)
Tim Reaper – Second Chance (Sonar’s Ghost Remix)
??? – ???
Madcap – Pressure
Skeleton Army – Touch (Coco Bryce Rewerk)
Foul Play – Being With You (Rupture VIP)
Foul Play – Dubbing You (Rupture VIP)

Broadcast on Noods Radio 20/06/19 between 14:00-15:00.

THG X Noods W/ Dave Sector (May 2019)

A selection of jazz, ambient and dub tracks sampled in 90s drum and bass classics by the likes of Tom And Jerry, Goldie, 4hero, Dillinja and Photek.

Two Hungry Ghosts – Noods Radio (May 2019)

No tracklist.

Broadcast on Noods Radio 16/05/19 between 16:00-17:00.