Exclusive Stream: Foul Play – Being With You (Army Of Ghosts VIP)

Originally put together for John’s Foul Play appearance at Rupture back in June, this VIP of “Being With You” was crafted by Sonar’s Ghost and myself as an exclusive for his set.

Also known as the Rupture mix this was made using stems from an old track we made for the blog several years ago, a remix of “Understand The Process” by Soza, and samples from different versions of “Being With You” including the Van Kleef mix John sent me on CD.

Essentially a rinse for a DJ set we hope you enjoy this exclusive stream as we celebrate 250,000 plays on SoundCloud and approach 3k followers.

Thank you for all your support.

Soundcloud: Two Hungry Ghosts / John Morrow

Exclusive Premiere: Sun People – Black Sphere (Rua Sound)

“Black Sphere” by Sun People is taken from the four track “These Days EP”, forthcoming on Rua Sound, released on November 29th.

Born out of a love for progressive electronic music, the Sun People project fuses elements of techno, hip hop, footwork, jungle and rare groove. The resulting sound is a perfect alchemy of musicality, soul and carefully placed kick drums.

“Give It Up”, the opening track on the EP, sets the tone with its mutated rare groove sample, old school vocal and chopped breaks. What could easily lead to a vintage jungle rinse out, and a good one at that, instead heads for a classic Hidden Agenda sound evoking memories of “Get Carter” and “The Flute Tune”.

There is an excitement that runs through the EP with tracks morphing quite unexpectedly and samples finding new spaces to inhabit, often out of context but sounding perfectly in place.

Contender for EP of the year “Black Sphere” draws the release to a close, an elegant halftime exit awash with mystery and grace.

The “These Days EP” will be available on both digital and vinyl formats, mastered by Macc and featuring artwork by Arkof and Graphic design by Barry Prendergast.

Buy: Bandcamp

Exclusive Premiere: Model – Jupiter (7th Storey Recollective)

The first release on a new sub-label from 7th Storey Projects sees two previously unreleased tracks by Model finally see the light of day. Produced in 1995 expect chopped amens and cosmic pads in a GLR style on the nearly 9-minute track “Jupiter” and a pure tribal work out of intricate panning drum edits on “Surroundingz”.

Sourced from the original DAT recordings these have been mastered by Beau at Ten Eight Seven then cut at 45 for a rich, loud 12″ with excellent clarity. With all 7th Storey Projects releases, attention to detail is paramount so this has been produced by Optimal Media (based in Germany) for a high quality pressing then packaged in a full-colour sleeve, designed by Model.

Check the Two Hungry Ghosts blog next week for an interview with Model where we find out more about these tracks and the story behind “Flight”, the holy grail of unreleased dubs played by LTJ Bukem back in 1995.

Vinyl only and available to pre-order now direct from 7th Storey Projects.

Buy: 7th Storey Projects

Exclusive Premiere: Necrotype – Fools Wisdom (Mettāsonic)

“Fools Wisdom” is the title track from Necrotype’s new EP on Taiwan based label, Mettāsonic.

Interweaving an abundance of classic breakbeats, “Fools Wisdom” is a reflective take on the iconic 90s sound. Occupying a space somewhere between uplifting and melancholy, the track switches between energetic drum sections and chilled moments of ambience. A melodic horn sample brings both styles together in a cohesive fusion of dynamic bliss.

Necrotype has had recent releases on Ortem, 7th Storey, Diamond Life and MJAZZ with new music signed to Repertoire and Amenology due for release over the coming months.

In the spirit of Metta, meditation focused on the development of unconditional love for all beings, Mettāsonic is in the process of converting to an official non-profit project, a concept we wholeheartedly endorse.

Buy: Bandcamp

Exclusive Premiere: Sicknote And Escher – Taster (Stereocilia)

Exclusive Premiere of “Taster” by Sicknote and Escher taken from the second release on the highly limited and ultra-collectible Stereocilia label.

“Taster” is based around a subtle drum machine rhythm, sparse and steady the beat provides the perfect back drop for twisted bass tones that snarl and gyrate their way throughout the track. At times upfront and prominent, at others quietly in the background menacingly filtering around gentle percussion like a shark circling it’s prey.

The true beauty of “Taster” lies in its natural arrangement, noises fade in and echo out, a held string causes tension then departs, drums rise and fall without a drop, mentasms pierce the track but only occasionally.

The track is haunting, not overbearing. An uncluttered masterclass in making the most out of a few sounds and a perfectly executed idea without an amen in sight.

Exclusive to the Clashmouth independent drum and bass label market in November this will be available as a highly limited lathe cut vinyl release backed with “Emerald Estate” by Sicknote.

Link: Clashmouth

Exclusive Premiere: Nekyia – White Sky Nicotine Lips (re:st)

“White Sky Nicotine Lips” by Nekyia is taken from the “Frames EP“, a vinyl-only release available on re:st. The small independent label was founded in 2014 as a platform for peripheral bass music.

A simple kick drum and bleak bass line mould to form a cast iron backdrop for reverbed sounds and grey textures.

Devoid of melody the malignant groove builds tension before an understated breakbeat is introduced in the second half. Powerfully effective due to the tracks tight, hypnotic arrangement this is modern drum and bass at its purest, and rawest.

At a time when the amen folder is still a producer’s best friend, it’s great to see the more experimental, techno-influenced approach gain momentum. This stripped-back style is gripping and visceral, helping to fuel a burgeoning scene of young producers taking modern jungle into a new decade avoiding worn-out templates from the past.

The “Frames EP” is released via re:st on 25th October. Vinyl only and limited to 100 copies, digital is included when purchasing direct.

Buy: relationreset.com

Exclusive Premiere: Shiken Hanzo – Kali Ma (Repertoire)

“Kali Ma” by Shiken Hanzo is taken from the “Maya Warfare EP” released on Repertoire.

Experimental drum and bass from one of the scenes most reliable labels. The guys continue to push boundaries with this deep, tribal and futuristic take on modern jungle. A landmark EP for the Repertoire camp, a departure from previous releases perhaps, but still maintaining their vision of modern progressive jungle. Immersive and militant minimal that really comes to life when in the mix.

With previous releases on Samurai Music and Blackest Ever Black sub-label A14, the EP has gained support from drum and bass luminaries Om Unit, Outer Heaven and Dom & Roland.

Buy: repertoire.bandcamp.com

Exclusive Premiere: Kuthi Jinani – Corals [FFF Remix] (Beat Machine Records)

The FFF remix of “Corals” is taken from the “Fish Lair EP” by Kuthi Jinani released on Beat Machine Records.

The releases on Beat Machine have been pretty diverse in 2019, from the devastating Fixate remix of “Fyah Burnin” at the start of the year to the recent broken beat soul of Daykoda.

This remix sees a return to the classic drum and bass style. An eerily hypnotic chime haunts chopped amen edits and exaggerated distorted bass. As the drums intensify the introduction of choral strings and dubbed out melodies add light to a rough journey.

Buy: music.beatmachinerecords.com

Exclusive Premiere: Zodiac Childs – Get Back (Zodiac Wax)

“Future Primitives EP” is the latest release on Zodiac Wax by label founder Zodiac Childs.

Mystery surrounds the artist and label with active social media pages featuring zero content, other than the odd logo or release cover. This adds to the nostalgic feel of the EP, harking back to a time when white labels were the norm and often contained very little or no information.

This release is very much based around the sounds of the early nineties, from the rave breaks and Public Enemy samples on lead track “Future Primitives” to the sunrise hands in the air breakdown of “Tears”.

Immersive and focused “Get Back” rounds off the EP, containing a stripped back groove of looped breaks and a four-four kick drum, its subtle melody filters its way through the track. Hardcore stabs are used but cautiously, softened with FX and gentle keys.

A heads down moment to let the mind wander.

Link: https://www.zodiacchilds.com

Exclusive Premiere: Ghost Warrior – Seven Gates (One.Seventy)

It’s an exciting time for those that are into the more experimental side of drum and bass, if you know where to look the diversity of styles and sounds currently on offer is breathtaking. While a “revival” of the 90s sound continues to dominate the headlines and new release schedule there’s a crew of producers that represent the most important aspect of that golden era while sounding nothing like it… A desire to explore new techniques and create a new style of music.

One.Seventy are at the forefront of this movement. Think what Speed was to the atmospheric sound, Swerve to the rise of liquid and how the Metalheadz Blue Note sessions were a wild and competitive testing ground for new dubs. One.Seventy is the modern-day equivalent of those iconic nights that changed the scene forever.

Their night takes place at Rye Wax, a record and zine shop, restaurant, bar and nightclub in Peckham, London. The ideal location for this hotbed of creativity to grow and a perfect spot for producers, DJ’s and label bosses to meet up to hear forthcoming material, new sonic experiments and prototype dubplates. Alexander and Rob, the names behind One.Seventy, are now preparing to launch a label of their own to further serve this passionate community.

This new era launches with a ten-track compilation titled “Permissions” featuring groundbreaking and diverse sounds from pioneers of the scene Books, DB1, Ghost Warrior, Projekt 22, Dyl, Lcp, Subminimal, Tobe:n, DAAT and Rudio.

“Seven Gates” by Ghost Warrior is futuristic, intricate and deep. The kind of style that most club DJ’s would shy away from but defines the progressive nature of the club and the dancefloor at One.Seventy. An extension of the Photek style featured on the “Modus Operandi” LP, Ghost Warrior further builds on this once cutting edge sound to craft a track that is both haunting and mysterious which manages to be both nostalgic and forward-thinking at the same time.

“Permissions” is essential listening for anyone interested in the ethos of One.Seventy or those that crave to see just how far the definition of drum and bass can be stretched.

There is no doubt in my mind that the producers featured here are the architects of a sound that is both exciting and progressive, proof that contemporary drum and bass can still be original and radical.

The album is released on 20th September 2019 and will be available from most major digital retailers.

Pre-order: Beatport
Soundcloud: One.Seventy