Parallel Action – Mini Mix (Featuring 10/10 W/ Charlie Boy Manson)

Today sees the debut release by Parallel Action, a new project led by multitalented creative ScanOne. A hard-working and productive artist, he is mainly known in the drum and bass community for his energetic DJ sets and running the graffiti splashed retro label, Modified Magic. While this new moniker will focus on slower tempos than we normally cover, the music packs no less of a punch.

The first release “10/10” (featuring Manchester MC Charlie Boy Manson) maintains key elements of jungle, namely an uncompromising anarchic edge paired with a wild bass groove.

We caught up with the producer to find out more.

Most readers of the blog will know you for your creations under the ScanOne moniker, what is with the change of direction from drum and bass to experimental hip hop?

It’s funny as I don’t see ScanOne as just drum and bass, I’ve always seen ScanOne as a myriad of electronic output, mainly breakbeat oriented bass music, from IDM, electro, breaks and jungle. ScanOne is a melting pot of all the faster genres I’m into. I wanted to create a new parallel journey for all the other types of slower music I’m influenced by, hence bringing Parallel Action to life. Just as I don’t see ScanOne fitting neatly into a D&B pigeon hole, I also don’t see Parallel Action sitting in a hip hop box.

A lot of 90s heads would probably expect you to opt for a boom-bap style of hip hop. Instead, you’ve gone for an edgy mix of psychedelic vocals and lo-fi beats. What inspired the production sound?

I first started getting into music in the late 80s so UK hip hop has always been a big influence, but so has brit-core, trip-hop, jazz breaks, psychedelic experimental stuff and film soundtracks. With Parallel Action I want to explore these types of styles with modern production techniques, I’m really into telling stories with my productions, journey tracks as I like to call them, I think this stems from my visual work.

I also want to collaborate more so you can expect tracks with vocalists, poets and storytellers along the way, each track complimenting the artist I’m working with. I can’t wait to share what’s brewing for 2021 though as you’ll start to understand a bit more about where I’m going with this direction.

UK hip hop continues to push barriers and experiment, with MC’s openly discussing their flaws and hang-ups making it honest and identifiable. What do you want people to take from it?

I’m really happy with this collaboration with Charlie Boy Manson, its totally the attitude I wanted for this first release, Charlie Boys lyrics reflect his own journey. From a production viewpoint, I feel this track is a reflection of what’s happening around us currently and I wanted to reinforce that in the sonic energy. Raw and gritty bass punk.

What can people expect from the full Parallel Action EP and where can they find out more?

The EP with Charlie Boy features the two tunes we made together, “10/10” and “Memories” plus both instrumentals by me, all the tracks are in this vein of psychedelic angst and dark twisted grooves. “10/10” is out today with the EP up for pre-order and will be out in January on digital and super limited vinyl. Plus, check out the video which will drop in the next few days.

Buy: Bandcamp

Also follow Parallel Action on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with the next set of collaborations coming out early 2021, with an album to follow next summer.

Links: Facebook / Instagram

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