Premiere: Fushara Vs Ben Kei – Elevations (Constellations)

“Elevations” is taken from the debut release on new atmospheric drum and bass label, Constellations. The four-track EP is produced by label bosses Ben Kei (Dalston Chillies) and Fushara (7th Storey Projects). The digital files are on sale now, with a full vinyl release available for pre-order.

Heading into winter is normally a time for dark drum and bass to prevail, the harsh bite of colder climates and less sunlight personified perfectly by Reece basslines and tense strings. This year seems different, whether it’s the fact that the globe has witnessed so much tragedy and heartache or simply that producers are turning to the mood of Good Looking for inspiration in a time of eternal doom, the rise of atmospheric drum and bass heading into 2021 is an exciting moment in modern jungle music.

The launch release of Constellations is a perfect example of the GLR style of DnB done right. Ben Kei knows a thing or two about the golden years of drum and bass, running the popular Dalston Chillies label focusing on the sounds of the 90s, with releases by jungle luminaries Equinox and Tim Reaper. Fushara has been pushing the emotive side of drum and bass for well over a decade now, with music featuring on 7th Storey Projects, Pinecone Moonshine and Criterion to name only a few. This combination of producers resulting in the perfect pairing to launch such a project.

Featuring four tracks of finely edited breaks, warm basslines and melodies to soothe, the EP is perfect for escapism and inspiration.


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