Premiere: Charly Says – Good In My Soul [Decibella Remix] (Disrupt Records)

The Decibella remix of “Good In My Soul” is taken from the second release on Disrupt Records, the “Decisions EP” by Charly Says. Released on both digital and vinyl formats, the four-track EP will be available on December 4th direct from the labels Bandcamp. The digital version also features an exclusive remix of “Right Decision” by Ben Kei (Dalston Chillies) and Pesk.

Disrupt Records was set up earlier this year by the crew at “The History Of Jungle Show”, a weekly stream on Dejavu FM where the team champion jungles rich past and air future music from modern producers. Recent guests have included Dwarde, FFF and Thugwidow.

The “Decisions EP” is jungle in a classic 94/95 style, with the two original tracks constructed around a solid collection of vintage sounds and samples, a nerds paradise of jungle history that will invoke hazy memories of nights past. “Right Decision” captures the spirit of the era perfectly with its rare groove and sax intro, before launching into frenzied chops and a ragga vocal drop.

The intro of “Good In Your Soul” opts for a dreamy approach with the think break, soft pads, Rhodes and RnB vocals. This soothing atmosphere is soon disrupted by fierce amen edits, which when combined with the pads and vocals later in the track create a beautiful balance of rough and smooth.

Artists on remix duties are FFF (7th Storey Projects/3AM Eternal), Decibella (Diamond Life/AKO) and Ben Kei (Dalston Chillies/Constellations) alongside Pesk (History Of Jungle/Disrupt).


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