Premiere: Sonic – Prince of Cambridge (Sneaker Social Club)

“Prince Of Cambridge” by Sonic is taken from the forthcoming album “The Eye Of Jupiter“, due to be released on Sneaker Social Club early December.

We recently caught up with the producer to discuss his early days making music alongside Silver, his studio set up, the LP, video games and a variety of other subjects.

The interview will be published later in the week, until then you can read an extract below where Sonic talks about the track we are premiering today, “Prince Of Cambridge”, a gritty take on the early Good Looking sound.

We asked Sonic about his priorities when making music…

“I think the vibe is most important, much more so than polish. I guess it’s a reaction to that period of DnB where everyone had to have Pendulum snares or whatever, haha… Also the goal of keeping things different, never settling comfortably into producing more polished versions of stuff done previously. I most admire people like Miles Davis, Sun Ra and Herbie Hancock, who never let things get stagnant, who always searched out the new.

As I mentioned I’m using an entirely analogue setup these days. A lot of the tracks are even sequenced on the Amiga, sometimes I literally just record the output direct to stereo off the desk. “Prince of Cambridge” was made that way for example. It’s the Amiga doing the breaks, layered with late 90’s EMU bells and strings, and an analogue synth or two, recorded direct. The title is a nod to Traumprinz aka Prince of Denmark who is an artist I find hugely inspiring. Like Four Tet, he makes what he wants to make, genres are not important. I often speak with Four Tet about my stuff and he always reminds me not to get too caught up in genres. That became a credo for me.”

“The Eye Of Jupiter” by Sonic can be pre-ordered here: Bandcamp

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