Premiere: BTK & Ink – The Last Scroll (Dispatch)

“The Last Scroll” is taken from the “Hollow LP” by BTK, forthcoming on Dispatch Recordings.

The late 90s and early 00s, which this album was inspired by, often focused on a paranoid, dark vision of the future dominated by global power and AI. As we approach 2021, we find ourselves living out the harsh reality of a world where technology grows more powerful and gains more control over our lives every day. As a result, BTK’s “Hollow LP” seems a fitting soundtrack to current times.

BTK fuses human and electronic elements to create a futuristic, twisted alchemy of funk infected by technology. Organic drums and percussion sit loud and proud behind a deluge of digital bass. Vocal tracks are filtered and processed to further the human/electronic fusion.

Featuring collaborations with Gremlinz, Ink and Jumpat, the album is dedicated to his long term production partner, Ed Optiv. The title, “Hollow”, reflecting the sad sense of loss felt by BTK and each track a poignant and a powerful tribute to the producer.

The album is released Friday, 27th November exclusive to Beatport and the Dispatch store with its general release, 11th December.

Buy: Dispatch Store / Bandcamp

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