Premiere: Akuratyde – Lost Summer [Method One Remix] (Modern Conveniences)

The Method One remix of “Lost Summer” by Akuratyde is taken from “Redesigned Volume 2”, forthcoming on Modern Conveniences.

This second instalment of remixes from the Akuratyde back catalogue is a much more positive and celebratory affair than the darker tones of the labels debut release “Redesigned Volume 1“.

The Method One remix, premiered here today, is an upbeat take on the original. A thoughtful and bright reinterpretation perfect for the dancefloor with its exuberant beats pitched vocals and jubilant harmony.

Elsewhere on the EP are contributions from Random Movement, Kharm and the wonderful Margaris Kid.

We asked producer and Modern Conveniences boss Akuratyde to describe this new set of remixes and how they came about…

“The Random Movement remix was a web design favor. The rest were all producers that reached out to me and wanted to do a remix. I’m friends with Method One in real life, every time he comes to LA we hang out and the last time he was here we got brunch and talked about him doing a remix of “Lost Summer”.

I’d been pestering Kharm for years as I’m a huge fan of his stuff. Every year I’d message him and ask when he was going to write some new music. That eventually lead to our tune “Enamoured”, which we released on Microfunk earlier this year, and then he decided to take a crack at “Into The Sea”. I love the way he flipped it into an autonomic tune. I really like when producers change the tempo of a song for a remix, it gives it a completely different feel.

The Margari’s Kid remix came about from us chatting on Facebook. I love how stripped back his remix is, it’s also got such a different vibe from the original. I tried to be really thoughtful about the way I grouped the remixes on Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 because I waited until all of the remixes were complete before deciding on the tracklists. Vol. 2 is definitely a bit brighter and more joyous and that was by design. I wanted to have a nice contrast between the two and I’m really happy with how they both turned out.”

Akuratyde “Redesigned Volume 2”, is released on Modern Conveniences Nov. 20th, 2020.

Buy: Bandcamp

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