Premiere: Wagz – Lotus Flower (none60)

“Lotus Flower” by Wagz is taken from the “Forward Motion EP”, forthcoming on none60. A label that understands the origins of drum and bass, without always trying to sound like it.

This EP displays a desire to push forward while tastefully respecting the past. At times capturing the essence of Good Looking and Swerve, while at others sounding fresh and futuristic.

“Lotus Flower” is an enchanting blend of DnB and RnB, sitting somewhere between Photek and Timbaland. Opening with delicate keys and consoling vocals, the track has a positive, optimistic aura. Reverbed percussion and filtered drum rolls disappear into the ether, while the warm glow of the bass adds a further layer of reassurance to the calming nature of the track.

It’s songs like this which remind me of the music’s formative years and the forward-thinking philosophy of the producers which helped spark the origins of drum and bass.

Lots of people focus on the samples and already heavily used drum breaks when attempting to reignite the original 90s magic. In my view, the understanding of the journey that led to those samples is whats important, something both Wagz and none60 fully display through their wonderful releases.


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