Premiere: MAC-V – 94′ Paradise (Next Phase Records)

Covering multiple styles of drum and bass, the “Varitone EP” on Next Phase Records contains four diverse takes on modern-jungle. From the adrenalin-inducing “94 Paradise” to the tranquil “Voyager”, this release captures the various tones of DnB.

Opening with “94 Paradise”, the title referencing the year it replicates, a soulful diva cries “you take me higher” over Helicopter beats and uplifting chords before an energetic amen drop that would have featured in many a DJ set back in 94.

Next up, Infest and Mr Walker produce a detailed Drumfunk composition titled “Who’s At The Door?”. With eerie strings and restless beats, the duo craft a mysterious, brooding atmosphere creating a deep-seated sense of foreboding that runs throughout the track.

“The Lighthouse” by Nectrotype & Abstract Illusion, continues with the feeling that something sinister is lurking just around the corner. With an extended breakdown and movie dialogue, followed by a prolonged section of uneasy white noise, a series of gunshots announces the tracks first amen drop.

To finish the EP, Fushara takes us on a journey out of the jungle, cloud-bound. Long, protracted pads conjure serene images and a sense of peacefully travelling above the earth, a beautiful way to close.


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