Premiere: Kyam – Duplicity [Homemade Weapons Remix] (Unbidden Audio)

The Homemade Weapons remix of “Duplicity” by Kyam features on the forthcoming “Cold March Of Regress EP”, out November 6th on Unbidden Audio.

The label was launched by Kyam in 2018 as an outlet to release his productions digitally. Now for the first time, Unbidden Audio is venturing into the world of multi-artist EP’s and vinyl. Featuring contributions from Elementz of Noize, dreadmaul, Homemade Weapons and Kyam the four-track release is now available to pre-order.

The vinyl release is a strictly limited edition offering, with only 200 being pressed.

Each artist brings something different to this release, with productions ignoring traditional drum and bass tropes. Harsh white noise, piercing drones and industrial percussion construct a metallic wall of sound, while techno kicks pound through the EP adding to its mechanical tone.

The energy in the track we are premiering today, the Homemade Weapons remix of “Duplicity”, is merciless. A powerful techno/drum and bass hybrid with sharp snares cutting through the oppressive darkness.


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