Premiere: Mikal – Scrapyard Dub (Metalheadz)

“Scrapyard Dub” by Mikal is taken from his second LP for Metalheadz titled “Metalwork”. The follow up to his debut album “Wilderness”, see’s the Swedish born producer deliver a further 16 tracks to the Headz archive with strong sonic clarity.

With such an extensive back catalogue, Metalheadz has been a trailblazer in the drum and bass scene for almost 27 years. During that time styles have changed as the scene has evolved, complex breaks that were so prominent in the early years of the label were, at times, replaced for weighty kicks and sharp snares. What people describe as the “Metalheadz sound” can vary from person to person, and what makes this album so good is that Mikal acknowledges this with a variety of Headz styles. For the old-school crew there are tracks like “Break It” and “Breaks And Pads”, not surprisingly heavy on drum edits and retro leanings. Cuts like “Magnetic Sound” and “3rd Eye” focus on obscene Reese basslines and snarling FX. While “Strident” returns to the Blue Note with a “Metropolis” style intro, twisted mentasms and a tough kick and snare combo.

“Scrapyard Dub” covers the cutting edge, experimental side of Headz. Distorted bass tones, filtered drum rolls and delayed vocals create a sinister Metalheadz take on dub, subdued but dangerous like a sleeping lion.

“Metalwork” is a well-rounded album that manages to deliver surprises while respecting the heritage of the label. Whatever your definition of the “Metalheadz sound” is, there will be something on this album for you.

The LP releases October 19th, 2020.


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