Premiere: Eusebeia – Infinity (Earthtrax)

“Infinity” by Eusebeia is taken from the fifth release on Bristol-based label and sound system, Earthtrax. Both vinyl and digital versions will be available to pre-order from Tuesday 27th of October 2020, direct from the Earthtrax Bandcamp.

Featuring dubbed-out atmospherics and hardcore breaks, the EP is a blend of both modern and retro jungle. Covering a variety of BPM’s the 12″ challenges the notion that all drum and bass needs to be 160-170+

We caught up with Eusebeia for a quick chat on how he got started and his “Infinity EP” release.

So, before we dive into the EP, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you started producing?

Sure, so I started writing music around ten years ago which came about as a natural progression from DJing and just being into music – from early on in life I knew music and art was something that had a profound effect on me. I came to realise it was the thing I wanted/needed to do so I just kept on that path.

Ah, what kind of stuff were you DJing back then?

Drum and Bass mainly at that point, I got my first set of decks in 2005-2006. I used to practice with my stepdads house and trance records, along with some jungle and hardcore I had bought and started playing parties and some events from 2008 onwards.

I’ve often wondered that as your music covers a wide range of tempos, and your production style often features techno style melodies. Did you like those house/trance records or only use them for practice?

Yes, I grew up hearing a lot of house, techno and trance.

What is it about those styles of music you find inspiring?

The free form nature of them, and that there’s probably more hybrids than any other style of music, the cultural aspects, and like with any music just how it can make you feel.

Does any artist, in particular, stand out as an inspiration?

Everything I’ve heard and liked has inspired me in some way so that’s a tough one, but if I had to say, I suppose Massive Attack have always been inspirational to me… “Mezzanine” was one of the first albums I heard that really had a powerful effect on me.

There’s a strong emotive current that runs through your music, I got quite disheartened at one stage talking to old producers I admired who told me there was no real message in their music.

Oh, that’s a shame to put it lightly, but unfortunately, some people make music with false intent and/or no real purpose which is kinda shit.

What’s music without a message/purpose?

Exactly, there has to be some kind of reason at least for doing a thing, even if it doesn’t make much sense or is somewhat unclear at the time.

So how do you go about capturing these emotions in your music, what’s your creative process?

First of all, anything done must be done as simply as can be, and with pure intentions, it must be honest. If I feel a particular way I will create a melody or a mood relative to that feeling and go from there. The tracks either stem from an emotional/personal thing or an intellectual idea or concept, but often the two are interlinked in some way.

I write notes and keywords which I use to help me express ideas, and I tend to work quite quickly to get things out while they’re fresh.

Alongside the music you also create art, including the design work for this 12″. Do you adopt a similar process?

Yes absolutely, with the visual art it’s just more hands-on and practical like I won’t write any notes for that.

I think of your collage work like visual music production, fusing images and textures like audio samples

Yes definitely, what I’m doing with images and audio is essentially the same.

Onto this EP, what moods and emotions are explored throughout the four tracks?

I wanted to make it feel quite expansive and all-encompassing, it definitely embodies both the dark and light, and above all else, the balance between the two. In some places, it feels so certain and triumphant, jovial and clear, and then at other times it’s very unclear and uncertain… it kind of mirrors life in that way, the constant changing of things, the ebb and flow.

The track we are premiering today is titled “Infinity”, what’s the story behind this one?

This is the title track of the EP and ties the other tracks together nicely. It references the Infinity symbol which is the symbol for eternity, the cycle of life, death and rebirth, and the seemingly boundless nature of the universe

Last thing… where can people get it?

Direct from the Earthtrax Bandcamp, and usual stores including Redeye, Disc World, Juno etc

Links: Bandcamp / Eusebeia


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