Premiere: Kid Drama – Thoughtcast 7 (CNVX)

“Thoughtcast 7” by Kid Drama is taken from the “2010 Again EP“, released on the artists own label CNVX. The four-track EP is available to purchase now direct from the CNVX Bandcamp.

Widely known for being one half of Instra:mental, Kid Drama has had a series of releases on highly respected and influential labels including Exit and Metalheadz.

Balancing autonomic with tech-step, Kid Drama creates a feeling that is futuristic and reflective. A sonic soundstage where percussion can have just as much impact as a kick and snappy snare. Basslines rumble with menacing intent, while razor-sharp drums add a technical edge to his visionary take on drum and bass.

Although the EP has a tech-step essence, it’s not all dark, with the reflective “Diazedaze” lightening the tone through the use of subtle pads and delicate strings.

“Thoughtcast 7” has a Deep Blue feel, with an aquatic techno vibe. Title track “2010 Again” is the darkest of the collection, although nowhere near a 96/97 level. With “Pivot” a fine balance of dark and light.

The “2010 Again EP” by Kid Drama is available to buy now.

Buy: Bandcamp

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