Krust – Constructive Ambiguity (Crosstown Rebels) And LP Info

The first single from the forthcoming Krust album “The Edge Of Everything” is now available to stream via YouTube and other digital streaming services.

His first solo album since 2006 sees Krust deliver 11 brand new tracks, described as exhilarating, standout music of depth and substance. Those that have heard “The Edge Of Everything” have been talking about it enthusiastically online, with Jumping Jack Frost calling it “a masterpiece of artistic work”, Rob Booth from Houndstooth tweeting that the album “was worth the fourteen-year wait” and Om Unit declaring that, to him, “it’s the sound of a master transcending the genre”. With praise coming from such well-respected people, it suffices to say that this is one of the most highly-anticipated releases from one of the scenes early pioneers for some time. And based on these two tracks, the early signs are that it’s looking like it will live up to expectations.

Krust has always been versatile as a producer, a quick flick through his back catalogue will demonstrate how eclectic his tracks have been. From the pioneering jazz, house and jungle fusion of “Jazz Note”, to the edgy blend of political spoken word and sci-fi electronics that make up “Coded Language” (arguably one of the best vocal drum and bass tracks ever made), right through to the devastating dancefloor bomb that is the Steppa Mix of “Warhead”. Krust has delivered anthems for seemingly most areas of the drum and bass scene.

I’m glad to report, based on these two new tracks, that this album will once again see Krust return to the raw sound and experimental nature of the seminal Coded Language, released back in 1999 on Talkin Loud. In an era where a lot of people view drum and bass through the lens of a seemingly neverending avalanche of four-minute two-step releases with exaggerated foghorn bass lines, I’m hopeful “The Edge Of Everything” will alert electronic music fans from outside the drum and bass community to the vibrant 170 scene and the emotive, forward-thinking nature of producers like DYL, RQ, Shiken Hanzo and labels like One.Seventy, re:st and none60. It’s a healthy time for experimental modern jungle and, with a bit of luck, this LP may just help those often overlooked producers, who were regularly inspired by the likes of Krust and other jungle luminaries, to get their time in the spotlight too.

We’ll have to wait until early November to hear the complete album, and we’re certainly looking forward to checking it out in full, but until then the two new tracks are available to stream below.


Krust – Constructive Ambiguity (Crosstown Rebels)

Krust – Tree Of Life (Crosstown Rebels)

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