Premiere: Mystic State – Mirrors Edge (The Chikara Project)

“Mirrors Edge” is taken from the debut LP, “My Own Private Island“, by Mystic State released on the Bristol-based label, The Chikara Project.

“My Own Private Island” contains fourteen tracks covering the bass music spectrum, from instrumental airy soundscapes to 90s jungle fused breaks. It’s an impressive debut that certainly captures the atmospheric side of drum and bass, from its early origins to modern, minimal and progressive 170 styles.

“Mirrors Edge” is the perfect blend of these two contrasting sub-genres. It’s half-time skeleton allowing breaks to twist and filter while remaining calm and melodic, adding a dancefloor twist to a sound often associated with intimate headphone listening sessions. The first half of the track is built around samples also used in “Terrorist” by Renegade, namely the “Think” break, Reece bass and Jah Shaka dub sound FX. The second section adds “Soul Pride” drums into the mix, adding a further injection of funk and nostalgia.

If you were a fan of jungle in the 90s and appreciated the cosmic, forward-thinking nature of the sound then be sure to check out “My Own Private Island” for an intoxicating excursion into melodic atmospherics.

The debut LP by Mystic State, “My Own Private Island”, is now available to purchase directly from the label via Bandcamp.

Buy: Bandcamp

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