Premiere: Cryptographic – Echo III (re:st)

“Echo III” by Cryptographic is taken from the “Echo EP”, forthcoming on re:st. The release will be available on a strictly limited edition vinyl, with only 100 being pressed, and digital download. Both versions can be pre-ordered direct from the label now via Bandcamp.

The re:st label is based in Switzerland and at the forefront of experimental 170 excursions into deep and dubby, techno fused modern jungle. The “Echo EP” is saturated in effects and atmosphere, expressive and percussive the release integrates ambient field recordings with weighty kicks and heavily delayed FX.

The EP captures a true sci-fi ambience with its robotic, industrial percussion and sounds that echo into the distance like ships venturing into space. Rainfall and informative vocal samples add to this Bladerunner vibe as you could imagine the educational messages being relayed on large screens as public service announcements in a futuristic city.

Buy now: Bandcamp

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