Premiere: Trinity Carbon – International Bassline (Art-E-Fax)

“International Bassline” is taken from the “Downfall Of The Nemesis EP” by Trinity Carbon, released mid-September on Art-E-Fax.

The sixth release on the Berlin-based label follows in the same fashion as its predecessors, treading the ground between techno, house and 90s breaks. Described as “5 raw club weapons rooted in UK club culture”, the EP packs a punch with its coarse beats, mighty kicks and heavyweight basslines.

This area between genres has always been one of the most exciting for me in electronic music as it often leads to new ideas and reinterpretations of old themes. Similar to the experimental hot-bed that was the early 90s, this EP takes inspiration from across the dance spectrum, using elements out of context in a way that creates a sound that is as rough as it is refreshing. It’s amazing how vibrant a track can get by simply adding a breakbeat to a techno melody or throwing a loose 4/4 under an old school drum loop.

“International Bassline” is one of those tracks you want to hear in a dark club, surrounded by dancers bouncing up and down in unison. The sublime combination of an infectious bass melody with a disorientating vocal sample induces both a euphoric rush and a mild sense of panic. As it builds, the breaks and percussion bring all the tracks aspects together in a dynamic alliance of underground nostalgia.

Featuring artwork by Planet Luke (Klasse Recordings) the “Downfall Of The Nemesis EP” by Trinity Carbon is available to pre-order now direct from the Art-E-Fax Bandcamp.

Buy: Bandcamp

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