Premiere: Fanu – Through Thick And Thin (Metalheadz Platinum)

“Through Thick And Thin” by Fanu is taken from the “Legacy EP“, available to buy now on Metalheadz Platinum.

Featuring his trademark blend of funk breaks and sci-fi atmospherics, “Through Thick And Thin” encapsulates a rough and bumpy journey through the cosmos. Bright pads pierce the soundscape, then plunge into darkness. Breaks roll out then contort, stirring vivid imagery of space debris and intergalactic peril.

Fanu is a unique talent, with his productions combining high-energy jungle for the dancefloor combined with a strong narrative and purpose for the heads, his music has the ability to tell stories and evoke emotions, which makes Metalheadz the perfect home for this release.

For me, this EP captures everything I love about drum and bass and Headz in particular. All the elements are at a utopian level of balance, from the light and dark atmospherics to the breaks which have crunch yet don’t muddy the clarity of the productions, it’s no wonder to see why Fanu is such a respected mastering engineer.

I believe if you’re lucky enough to have music on Headz you need to up your game and the attention to detail on the “Legacy EP” shows Fanu has certainly risen to this challenge again, two years after his debut for Metalheadz Platinum, the “Black Label EP”.

This release is out now on Metalheadz Platinum.

Buy Now:

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