Premiere: Sonar’s Ghost – In A Soul (7th Storey Projects)

“In A Soul” is the title track from a forthcoming EP by Sonar’s Ghost for 7th Storey Projects, released early August on transparent yellow vinyl, it follows last years split 10″ with the man of the moment Coco Bryce. The “In A Soul” EP marks Dominic’s full debut release for the label.

Inspired by the great 3 and 4 track 12’s from 92-94, namely the Planet Dance EP by Studio II, the self-released King Of The Jungle EP’s and the first 6 or so Kemet and Third Party 12’s. “In A Soul” captures the moment were those influential releases moved away from crowd noises, pianos and chipmunk vocals yet retained a “ravey” quality with their energetic beats, ragga vocals and techno bleeps. This era in drum and bass resulted in the dawn of a notion that EP’s should show four different sides of the scene or reflect a variety of the current trends of the time.

“In A Soul” is drum and bass at its rawest, inspired by Nut Nut’s “Forbidden Planet” Dominic flips the famous amen from Bukem’s “A Couple Of Beats”, adds hip hop vocals, serene pads and light percussion to create the perfect tribute to 1994. Elsewhere on the EP, “Same Old Ting” picks up the pace with its ragga vocals and soundclash FX, “Gimme The Vibe” blends a sweet rare groove sample with reggae musical elements and rave stabs while “Science Of Silence” goes for a dubbed-out approach with its delayed FX and time-stretched breaks.

The “In A Soul” EP will be available to pre-order directly from 7th Storey Projects.


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