Premiere: Friske – Untitled Piano (Metalheadz)

“Untitled Piano” is taken from the forthcoming debut album by Friske, titled “A Different Perspective” the LP is released on Metalheadz on 26th June 2020.

The album features 16 tracks covering both light and dark elements in equal measure, a beautiful balance of rough and smooth. “Untitled Piano” is reminiscent of the original Good Looking style, reminding me of PFM’s “The Mystics” with its cosmic sounds, rolling drums and elegant flourishes.

“A Different Perspective” highlights the distinctive sound and production approach of Friske, often otherwordly and scientific yet still ripe for the dancefloor. A style firmly rooted in hip hop, the LP draws influence from classic drum breaks and samples from the iconic graffiti documentary “Style Wars”, resulting in a perfect blend of sci-fi and B-Boy culture.

“A Different Perspective” is available to pre-order now direct from the Metalheadz Bandcamp and store.


Friske – A Different Perspective

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