Exclusive Premiere: Barefoot – There Is Nothing Else (re:st)

“There Is Nothing Else” by Barefoot is taken from the “Fulmar EP”, released on the re:st imprint out of Switzerland. This will be their first digital release available separately, with downloads previously only being available when purchasing the vinyl or messaging the label with other purchases.

The EP contains four ambient soundscapes by the UK producer. With previous tracks on labels including Med School and Literature Recordings, it will come as no surprise that he tends to focus on the deeper and more experimental end of the electronic music spectrum, building atmosphere and emotion rather than creating dancefloor anthems.

Compositions steadily build, with layers of synths, field recordings and bleeps constructing immersive environments for the mind to wander reflectively. A profound journey for the listener, the release conjures emotion and stirs memories of joy and adventure with its delicate melodies.

An important release for the label, and the start of a new chapter, as re:st is launched into mainstream stores and streaming sites, an exciting time and a great opportunity for one of our favourite labels to reach a wider audience.

The 12” is a limited edition of one hundred with the majority of the run being pressed onto standard black vinyl, a highly collectable orange version is also available. Purchases direct from the re:st website will come bundled with the digital download.

Release date: 21st February 2020

Buy: relationreset.com/shop/barefoot-fulmar/

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