Various Artists – Beyond The Physical (Charity Compilation)

Today is the day our first Two Hungry Ghosts compilation is released into the world. 12th December is a special day for us, one we have marked for the last five years through our electronic label Sector 12/12. We use the date to remember the past and help inject some hope into the future.

I’m really proud of what we have achieved with this. I’ve seen pure positivity from all involved, with everyone using their creativity to support others in need. All proceeds from the download will go to homeless charities across the UK.

At times, I feel the need to rant about the exclusivity or expense of the music I love but feel it far more fruitful to instead put something out into the world that’s accessible to all. You can stream the whole thing for free via Bandcamp (all restrictions have been removed) and I’ll add to SoundCloud and YouTube over the next couple of weeks.

The album has been carefully considered and we recommend you play the whole release from start to finish through headphones for the best possible experience.

We hope you enjoy the music and if you can afford to support it by spending £4 on the download it will be very much appreciated.

Many thanks to all those who have already supported this release.

Emotive, experimental and expressive “Beyond The Physical” illustrates the community spirit that flows through the modern jungle scene with contributions from a range of artists based around the world. The producers all share a desire to push the envelope, extending the limits of what is considered drum and bass, returning to the days when each release was a mission statement and had a sense of purpose.

Featuring exclusive tracks from DYL, RQ, Sonar’s Ghost, Thugwidow, Shiken Hanzo, Entire, Paragon and Sicknote & Dissect the album is a balanced journey of breakbeat manipulations and raw techno fusion.

At a time where greed and self-interest appear to reign, “Beyond The Physical” aims to demonstrate the power a collective force of creative people can have on local communities with all proceeds from the download going to homeless, hunger and poverty charities across the UK.

Artwork: GMHA X THG
Mastering: R. Peperkamp

Released by:
Two Hungry Ghosts

Release date:
12 December 2019

Buy: Bandcamp

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