A THGXTMID Mix: Mattic – Cloverfield Mansion [Act 1] X A Madlib Invasion (Dilla & Mattic Mixtape)

Next, on the Two Hungry Ghosts X Tell Me I’m Dreaming mixtape series we have American born, MC and sound explorer, Mattic AKA Dr Outer AKA The Ghost In The Machine, who now lives in the hills of Le Harve, France.

Mattic and I first met online in 2012 after the release of his debut solo album “The Abstract Convention”, since then he has released music under various aliases and guises with numerous appearances and collaborations as well as a second LP on Phonosauras titled “The Adventures Of Doctor Outer”.

What has always struck me about Mattic is how prolific and humble he is. A quick glance at Discogs will lead you to think he hasn’t released much music and a Google search won’t reveal much either. He will pop up on social media for a few weeks then disappear deleting any content. Our conversations often revolve around a shared vision of the world, a rejection of the importance of social media stats and sharing nerdy music knowledge, soundbites and sample sources. I’m privileged to be part of a small trusted crew who are allowed into his unreleased music vaults, covering countless full albums, mixtapes with bespoke lyrics, demos, collaborations and even a vocal reinterpretation of Madlibs “Rock Koducta” LP.

Fuelled by a strong passion to create and a desire to be “close to a few rather than part of the zoo” its rare these projects see the light of day, locked down to personal Dropbox folders with rare WeTransfer shares via DM’s and email exchanges. It’s with great pleasure I can bring you this mixtape of Dilla and Madlib beats complete with original rhymes, skits and vocal sound design crafted by Mattic. Made purely for pleasure, not for profit and out of deep love and respect for the producers enjoy this rare glimpse into the creative world of Doctor Outer…

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