THG Mix Series Volume 3: Yorobi – Tales Of An Onna-Bugeisha

The THG Mix Series continues with this selection titled “Tales Of An Onna-Bugeisha” by Yorobi. Sixty minutes of intricate, eclectic and emotive drum and bass featuring new and unreleased music by Om Unit, Ricky Force and Sun People.

A resident DJ on Jungletrain, Yorobi meticulously blends new styles of modern jungle. Yorobi is also a producer, with forthcoming releases on Parallax and Disc World, alongside Tim Reaper.

This mix is more of a drum and bass selection than what she would normally play, taking an opportunity to craft a set that people may not expect from her.

You can catch Yorobi playing at Rupture when the iconic club night visits Amsterdam on 27th December performing alongside Loxy, Sully, Mantra, Double O and Coco Bryce.

Featuring in the mix is “Drum Tree” by Tim Reaper and Yorobi, an exclusive vinyl release, only available as a reward to backers of the Disc World crowdfunding project on Kickstarter. The campaign is the brainchild of Lewis “Sicknote” and Chris “Dexta”, aiming to raise funds to open a record store and Dubplate cutting studio in Lewisham, London.

THG Mix Series Volume 3: Yorobi – Tales Of An Onna-Bugeisha (Tracklist)

Sun People – Black Sphere (Forthcoming Rua Sound)
Atiq & EnK – Relativity (Forthcoming Mindtrick Records)
Jaskin & Uneven – Safe Edge
Resound – Forgot Why [Stone Cold Mix]
Pessimist – Burundanga
Outer Heaven – The Last Men
Shiken Hanzo – Maya Warfare
Om Unit – Timelines [Mahakala VIP] (Forthcoming Metalheadz)
AQXDM – The Good Days Are Tomorrow
Rainforest – Nine Nine Riddim
Cool Hand Flex – Hardline
Ricky Force – Make It Right [Dead Mans Chest Raw 94 Remix] (Forthcoming Repertoire)
Tim Reaper – Second Chance [Sonar’s Ghost Remix] (Forthcoming Repertoire)
Sicknote – Grand Luce (Forthcoming Sonic Force)
Special Request – Stairfoot Lane Bunker
Hoover 1 – 2b1
Boddika – Soul What [Sideswipe VIP]
Sam Binga x ONHELL – A Mighty Quest
Wheez-ie – OG Deth
The Juke Of Juke – High Plains Trouble Maker
Tim Reaper And Yorobi – Drum Tree (Forthcoming Disc World)
Selecta 5-7 – Dubplate Special
DLX – Sumtin Like This
Fine Feline – Weekend [Ricky Force Remix] (Forthcoming Parallax Recordings)
Globex Corp – Vol. 6 A1 [Equinox Remix] (Forthcoming Globex Corp)

Links: Mixcloud / Soundcloud

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