Exclusive Premiere: Zodiac Childs – Get Back (Zodiac Wax)

“Future Primitives EP” is the latest release on Zodiac Wax by label founder Zodiac Childs.

Mystery surrounds the artist and label with active social media pages featuring zero content, other than the odd logo or release cover. This adds to the nostalgic feel of the EP, harking back to a time when white labels were the norm and often contained very little or no information.

This release is very much based around the sounds of the early nineties, from the rave breaks and Public Enemy samples on lead track “Future Primitives” to the sunrise hands in the air breakdown of “Tears”.

Immersive and focused “Get Back” rounds off the EP, containing a stripped back groove of looped breaks and a four-four kick drum, its subtle melody filters its way through the track. Hardcore stabs are used but cautiously, softened with FX and gentle keys.

A heads down moment to let the mind wander.

Link: https://www.zodiacchilds.com

Two Hungry Ghosts Chart (October 2019)

Two Hungry Ghosts Chart (October 2019)

Various Artists – Volume 10 [The Remixes] (Forthcoming Globex Corp)
Various Artists – LT-GLOBE-XXX (Lobster Theremin x Globex Corp)
Es.tereo – Ra EP (Forthcoming Cosmic Bridge)
Pessimist – Burundanga EP (Forthcoming UVB-76)
HLZ – Ultradogs (Forthcoming Metalheadz)
Out Of Fuel – Number Six (Forthcoming Ronin Ordinance)
Sicknote And Escher – Taster (Forthcoming Stereocilia)
Resslek – Pilz (Forthcoming Citate Forms)
BrandNewTrumpets – Pranayama (Forthcoming Diffrent Music)
Slider And Expose – Be Right Here (Forthcoming Lossless Music)
Sun People – It’s Yours (Forthcoming Through These Eyes)
Kuthi Jinani – Corals [FFF Remix] (Beat Machine Records)
LCP – Undiluted / Clairvoyance (Literature Recordings)
Thug Widow – Blunt End Of The Heel (Western Lore)
Bakground And Sangam – 90s Living EP (Forthcoming Lobster Theremin)

Bonus Ten (Non DnB)

Tenebre – Polystructures EP (WNCL)
Denham Audio – The Breakbeat Compendium (Forthcoming WNCL)
Daniel Maunick – Macumba Quebrada (Far Out Recordings)
Gawd Status – Firmamentum (Tru Thoughts)
Theo Parrish – What You Gonna Ask For [Dego Mix] (Sound Signature)
LCSM – EP 1 (Super-Sonic Jazz Records)
Tenderlonious – Think Twice (22a)
Zodiac Childs – Future Primitive EP (Zodiac Wax)
Dogpatrol – The Return Of The Gorgons (Sneaker Social Club)
Azymuth – Space Jazz Carnival [Global Communication Remix] (Far Out Recordings)

Compiled by Dave Sector