THG X Noods X Cambrian Line B2B Special W/ Sonar’s Ghost (October 2019)

A specially extended Two Hungry Ghosts show this month as we hook up with James from Cambrian Line for a three hour Noods Radio takeover. The first two hours is a B2B session with Sonar’s Ghost taking over the controls for the final sixty minutes.

Expect modern jungle, twisted half-step, footwork, juke and 90s throwbacks.

Many thanks to Cambrian Line for hosting live from Berlin, you can catch his show on Thursdays, every four weeks, between 15:00-17:00 on Noods Radio.

More info and archives here: Noods Radio X Radio Cambrian Line

THG X Noods X Cambrian Line B2B Special W/ Sonar’s Ghost (October 2019)

Dave Sector B2B Cambrian Line

DYL – The New Kid
DYL – Vaio
RQ – New Earth
Pessimist – Burundanga
Out Of Fuel – Zero System
Sicknote – Ruck
Mark – “We Connect The Right People To Build Relationships That Truly Matter.”
Altered Natives – A.D.O.R.E
Graphs – Broken Legs
Special Request – Stairfoot Lane Bunker (Minor Science Remix)
CM-4 – Acid Drop Gap
Kid Lib – Yeh UH!
Thug Widow – Blunt End Of The Heel
LCP – Undiluted / Clairvoyance
Pessimist – Thug
Paracusia – Graveyard Shift (Homemade Weapons Remix)
Sun People – Work
Rhythm And Sound – Music A Fe Rule (Sun People Edit)
Sully – Porcelain
NC-17 – Judgement
Stones Taro – Full Train
Kozee – Let’s Ride
Warlock – Work Dat Shit
Traxman – Dat Butt
HomeSick – 1800areyouslappin
HomeSick – 1800areyouslappin (Sinistarr Hotline Mix)
Skeleton Army – Catchy Schisms (Etch Slo-Fast Mix)
Dwarde And Tim Reaper – Take Some Time

Sonar’s Ghost

System 7 – Big Sky City (J.O.S Mix)
Hathor And Sotus – Autonomous Parasite
The Untouchables – Baiana
Soul Intent – Rock It
Bungle – Enigma
No Name – Skumaskot
DJ Trace – Dibby (Ilk Remix)
Es.Tereo – Temple Of Ra
Infest – Little Spinner
A.Fruit – Before You Go
Dave Wallace – Light Phase
Dark Ops – Burgundy Breaks
Slider And Expose – All Fall Down
Ant To Be – Done At Midnight
Rude Operator – Broken Sky
D.O.P.E – Travelling (Slow Train to Philly Mix)
Lynch Kingsley – Capricorn
Simon ‘Bassline’ Smith – Midnite
DJ Windmill – Divine Inspiration (Army Of Ghosts VIP)

Broadcast on Noods Radio 17/10/19 between 14:00-17:00.

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