Exclusive Premiere: Nekyia – White Sky Nicotine Lips (re:st)

“White Sky Nicotine Lips” by Nekyia is taken from the “Frames EP“, a vinyl-only release available on re:st. The small independent label was founded in 2014 as a platform for peripheral bass music.

A simple kick drum and bleak bass line mould to form a cast iron backdrop for reverbed sounds and grey textures.

Devoid of melody the malignant groove builds tension before an understated breakbeat is introduced in the second half. Powerfully effective due to the tracks tight, hypnotic arrangement this is modern drum and bass at its purest, and rawest.

At a time when the amen folder is still a producer’s best friend, it’s great to see the more experimental, techno-influenced approach gain momentum. This stripped-back style is gripping and visceral, helping to fuel a burgeoning scene of young producers taking modern jungle into a new decade avoiding worn-out templates from the past.

The “Frames EP” is released via re:st on 25th October. Vinyl only and limited to 100 copies, digital is included when purchasing direct.

Buy: relationreset.com

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