THG Mix Series Volume 1: MDS – Re:lated

For the first volume in a new series of mixes, MDS delivers a 90-minute selection of low-fi drum and bass experiments, mainly from the re:st label but also featuring tracks on One.Seventy, DTND, Repertoire and Scientific Wax.


THG Mix Series Volume 1: MDS – Re:lated (Tracklist)

Cutkachi – Moonlight (re:01)
Eusebeia – Reform (re:20)
LCP – Minus 10 (re:16)
LCP Featuring Cutkachi – Absorption (re:10)
LCP – Road To Compersion (re:20)
LCP – Carried From Secret Seas (re:16)
Gleb Choutov – Monochrom (re:06)
Phrex – Quadrant (re:12)
Cutkachi – Yajé (re:03)
LCP – Aftermath (re:10)
Ghost Warrior – Seven Gates (One.Seventy)
DYL And ILL_K – Black Hole (re:09)
DYL Featuring DB1 – Veil Of Ignorance (re:13)
ILL_K – Neutron (Owl Remix) (re:04)
Ghost Warrior – Into The Void (re:11)
Books – Anomie (Melody Of The Infinite) (DTND)
Owl Featuring Clearlight – Holograph (re:19)
LCP – 6 Hands Full Of People (Sam KDC remix) (re:07)
Dissident – Graviton (re:19)
Dailiv – Reflection (re:15)
Aiko – Endless (re:08)
Ghost Warrior – Split (re:11)
Dailiv – Terminal (re:18)
Sotus – Hide (re:19)
Dailiv – Onix (re:18)
Eusebeia – Spiral (Repertoire)
Nebula – Surrealism (Scientific Wax)
Projekt22 And Deaf Ray – Seek Assistance (re:15)


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