Influences “Champion Sound” Defrostatica

To celebrate the release of the “Youth EP” on Defrostatica Records we asked Champion Sound for a small rundown of influential tracks that have helped shape their sound. Dub and reggae sound system culture has been a major influence on the trio, for Distant Roots this began with a chance encounter with Scientist on a Grand Theft Auto soundtrack, the three members of Champion Sound also played together in a live reggae band before turning their passion of jungle into producing electronic music.

The “Youth EP” continues the trio’s adventure into reggae fused drum and bass featuring the vocals of Kingston dancehall legend Hawkeye on lead track “Ghetto Youth” with a turbocharged breakbeat mix by US vaporwave artist Nmesh. Elsewhere on the EP blog favourite Sun People goes full-on dancefloor mode with his take on “Talk”.

Exclusive Premiere: Champion Sound – Ghetto Youth Featuring Hawkeye [Nmesh Remix] (Defrostatica)

Buy: Bandcamp

Scientist – Your Teeth In My Neck

I first heard this track in a computer game called “GTA3”. At that time I didn’t know anything about dub. After a while, I decided to figure out what kind of music it was. I returned to the soundtrack and found out it was by Scientist and listened to his entire discography, then moving on to other artists from the genre. It was already impossible to stop me, so it’s safe to say that this track changed my life. (Distant Roots)

Theory – I Saw You Girl

45seven is the most important label for us as Champion Sound started with blessings from LXC. This track is an example of the scientific approach of the label. 7″ records can sound better than some 12’s and the bass is absolutely murderous, it’s amazing! (Neekeetone)

Amit – Red Flag

We play this track at all our parties. Powerful bass and heavy drums that make you dance even if you are tired. We have two copies of this record in our collection, even if one of them goes bad, we’ll be able to continue playing this tune anyway! Absolute killer! (Distant Roots)

The Prodigy – We Eat Rhythm (Jungle Mix)

This is one of those things that changed my life. I was a little boy when I saw the “Electronic Punks” video, this track played at the beginning and the end. I was a real fan of The Prodigy and always try to find some bootlegs or different versions, this track was really hard to find but I still think that it’s brilliant. (Neekeetone)

Moresounds – We Are Tribe

It is about how modern music is stepping forward from the roots. For me, this track has magic vibes from the old times, but at the same time, it’s so futuristic. (Neekeetone)

Link: Soundcloud


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