Influences “Askel” none60

To celebrate the release of “Glass Hands/Saboteur” by Askel on none60 we asked the Finland artist for a rundown of five tracks that have helped shape his sound.

While the scientific approach of Photek seems to have had a big influence on this release, with its clinical drums and fascinating interplay of electronic and double bass its also refreshing to see Ydinperhe being hailed as a contributing factor to the producers style with their raw, political and energetic edge.


Photek – The Seven Samurai (Photek Remix)

Photek’s early work is just mind blowingly good – especially the drum work that’s still incredibly impressive. There are too many amazing tracks to choose from, but I landed on this one because I… uh, borrowed the ride pattern from it on my tune “Glass Hands”.

Little Dragon – After The Rain

Little Dragon’s debut album is easily one of my most listened to records of all time. I don’t understand much about jazz (or about music theory in general, even) but this cheeky mix of jazz/soul/electronic music hits me somewhere any other music can’t.

Alix Perez Featuring Adeus – Over You

I wanted to mostly pick my longest standing influences but my current favourite, Alix Perez, has been killing it so hard lately I couldn’t not include him. I try not to take direct influences from within the genre, but Alix’s work rate and level of technical prowess are really admirable. Some of the tightest drum programming out there right now, and how does he make those basses so wide and still make them work?

Ydinperhe – Älä tee mitä pitää

I think all art is inherently political, and artists’ opinions shouldn’t be separated from the art. I don’t get to show that much in dnb, but I used to play drums in some punk bands and I still listen to a lot of punk. This song is off one of my favourite Finnish albums from last year. The title translates to “don’t do what you’re supposed to”.

Marcus Intalex – Steady

I reference Marcus’s tunes a lot when producing. He nailed everything from sound design to grooves and especially arrangements; he always knew exactly how long each part should be (usually much longer than I’d dare to make them). Masterful. RIP.

Glass Hands/Saboteur” by Askel is now available to buy direct from the none60 Bandcamp as well as all good digital outlets.


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