Exclusive Premiere: Ghost Warrior – Seven Gates (One.Seventy)

It’s an exciting time for those that are into the more experimental side of drum and bass, if you know where to look the diversity of styles and sounds currently on offer is breathtaking. While a “revival” of the 90s sound continues to dominate the headlines and new release schedule there’s a crew of producers that represent the most important aspect of that golden era while sounding nothing like it… A desire to explore new techniques and create a new style of music.

One.Seventy are at the forefront of this movement. Think what Speed was to the atmospheric sound, Swerve to the rise of liquid and how the Metalheadz Blue Note sessions were a wild and competitive testing ground for new dubs. One.Seventy is the modern-day equivalent of those iconic nights that changed the scene forever.

Their night takes place at Rye Wax, a record and zine shop, restaurant, bar and nightclub in Peckham, London. The ideal location for this hotbed of creativity to grow and a perfect spot for producers, DJ’s and label bosses to meet up to hear forthcoming material, new sonic experiments and prototype dubplates. Alexander and Rob, the names behind One.Seventy, are now preparing to launch a label of their own to further serve this passionate community.

This new era launches with a ten-track compilation titled “Permissions” featuring groundbreaking and diverse sounds from pioneers of the scene Books, DB1, Ghost Warrior, Projekt 22, Dyl, Lcp, Subminimal, Tobe:n, DAAT and Rudio.

“Seven Gates” by Ghost Warrior is futuristic, intricate and deep. The kind of style that most club DJ’s would shy away from but defines the progressive nature of the club and the dancefloor at One.Seventy. An extension of the Photek style featured on the “Modus Operandi” LP, Ghost Warrior further builds on this once cutting edge sound to craft a track that is both haunting and mysterious which manages to be both nostalgic and forward-thinking at the same time.

“Permissions” is essential listening for anyone interested in the ethos of One.Seventy or those that crave to see just how far the definition of drum and bass can be stretched.

There is no doubt in my mind that the producers featured here are the architects of a sound that is both exciting and progressive, proof that contemporary drum and bass can still be original and radical.

The album is released on 20th September 2019 and will be available from most major digital retailers.

Pre-order: Beatport
Soundcloud: One.Seventy


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