Influences “Jem One” Metalheadz

To celebrate the release of the “Transpose EP” on Metalheadz, as part of the XX series, we asked Jem One to provide a list of influential tunes that have helped form his own twisted take on DnB.

A heavy hitting and dark sound runs through the “Transpose EP”, going for the jugular from the start with its no-nonsense approach, from the mechanical drone bassline on “Lotus” to the jagged 90’s stabs on “The Hardcore” the release is tough and twisted.

The “Transpose EP” is available now via the Metalheadz Bandcamp store.


Public Enemy – Rebel Without A Pause

Raw! This track brings back memories from my graff days. I remember being with Goldie and others in a post graff jam at the Wolverhampton Civic Hall around 1988 brockin’ out to this. He’d just come back from the States and was like a graff God to us all.

Kariya – Let Me Love You For Tonight

My whole foundation is built upon the early rave scene. That b-line, the lazy snare, the keys and that vocal. This was more than just music, it was a pure spiritual experience.

Goldie – Inner City Life / Timeless

Absolutely timeless in form and function. There are no words for this album. I remember visiting a mate in London for a few days when this came out. As he was at work during the day I spent days walking around Shepard’s Bush with this on my headphones. I can honestly say it changed my life.

Dillinja – Threshold

That bass man! The step, the vibe… absolutely lethal. This has had a massive influence on my headspace when writing music.

Grieg – In the Hall of the Mountain King

Bit of an obscure choice this one. However, the power and textures of the horns, the taiko drums and the strings, towards the end of the piece just kill me. When I listen to this piece of music something stirs deep within me. The feeling on an emotional level that is created, comes somewhere close to the feeling that I have within when writing my heavier tracks.

The “Transpose EP” by Jem One is available to buy on both vinyl and digital formats direct from the Metalheadz store and their Bandcamp.


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