Influences “Champion Sound” Defrostatica

To celebrate the release of the “Youth EP” on Defrostatica Records we asked Champion Sound for a small rundown of influential tracks that have helped shape their sound. Dub and reggae sound system culture has been a major influence on the trio, for Distant Roots this began with a chance encounter with Scientist on a Grand Theft Auto soundtrack, the three members of Champion Sound also played together in a live reggae band before turning their passion of jungle into producing electronic music.

The “Youth EP” continues the trio’s adventure into reggae fused drum and bass featuring the vocals of Kingston dancehall legend Hawkeye on lead track “Ghetto Youth” with a turbocharged breakbeat mix by US vaporwave artist Nmesh. Elsewhere on the EP blog favourite Sun People goes full-on dancefloor mode with his take on “Talk”.

Exclusive Premiere: Champion Sound – Ghetto Youth Featuring Hawkeye [Nmesh Remix] (Defrostatica)

Buy: Bandcamp

Scientist – Your Teeth In My Neck

I first heard this track in a computer game called “GTA3”. At that time I didn’t know anything about dub. After a while, I decided to figure out what kind of music it was. I returned to the soundtrack and found out it was by Scientist and listened to his entire discography, then moving on to other artists from the genre. It was already impossible to stop me, so it’s safe to say that this track changed my life. (Distant Roots)

Theory – I Saw You Girl

45seven is the most important label for us as Champion Sound started with blessings from LXC. This track is an example of the scientific approach of the label. 7″ records can sound better than some 12’s and the bass is absolutely murderous, it’s amazing! (Neekeetone)

Amit – Red Flag

We play this track at all our parties. Powerful bass and heavy drums that make you dance even if you are tired. We have two copies of this record in our collection, even if one of them goes bad, we’ll be able to continue playing this tune anyway! Absolute killer! (Distant Roots)

The Prodigy – We Eat Rhythm (Jungle Mix)

This is one of those things that changed my life. I was a little boy when I saw the “Electronic Punks” video, this track played at the beginning and the end. I was a real fan of The Prodigy and always try to find some bootlegs or different versions, this track was really hard to find but I still think that it’s brilliant. (Neekeetone)

Moresounds – We Are Tribe

It is about how modern music is stepping forward from the roots. For me, this track has magic vibes from the old times, but at the same time, it’s so futuristic. (Neekeetone)

Link: Soundcloud


A THGXTMID Mix: Luís Barata Da Rocha – Fechando O Verão (Brasil Mixtape)

Two Hungry Ghosts and Tell Me I’m Dreaming team up for a regular series of Sunday Morning mixtapes.

Inspired by their work together on BS1212, an online Radio Show that featured guest mixes and regular selections from Neil Sherwood (Tell Me I’m Dreaming), Dave Sector (Two Hungry Ghosts) and good friends Black Classical and Sonar’s Ghost, this series of mixtapes will set the tone for lazy Sunday’s and provide a soundtrack for those after-party recovery sessions.

First up is Luís Barata Da Rocha with 70 minutes of music from Brasil, a regular listener to the BS1212 show this mix so impressed jazz authority Black Classical we knew it would be the perfect way to launch the series.

Sit back and close the Summer with Luís Barata Da Rocha’s enchanting and uplifting mix.

Luís Barata Da Rocha – Fechando O Verão (Brasil Mixtape)

01. “A Última Sessão de Música” (Milton Nascimento)
Milton Nascimento, “Milagre dos Peixes” LP
XSMOFB-3762 / 1973 Odeon

02. “Águas de Março” (Antônio Carlos Jobim)
João Gilberto, “João Gilberto” LP
2451 037 / 1973 Polydor

03. “O Sol Nascerá” (Cartola, Elton Medeiros)
Cartola, “O Divino Cartola” 7” EP
‎3087 / 1964 Mocambo

04. “Barracão” (Luiz Antônio, Oldemar Magalhães)
Pernambuco do Pandeiro e Seu Regional, “Batucando No Morro” LP
LP TR – 002 / 1958 Tiger Alta Fidelidade

05. “Vim de Sant’ana” (Theo de Barros)
Quarteto Novo, “Quarteto Novo” LP
MOFB 3503 / 1967 Odeon

06. “Trupe” (Amaro Freitas)
Amaro Freitas, “Rasif” LP
FARO205LP / 2018 Far Out Recordings

07. “Sanfona” (Hermeto Pascoal)
Hermeto Pascoal, “Made Of Music” 12” EP
20180415 / 2018 Budweiser

08. “Embolada das Meninas” (Tradicional)
Beija-Flor e Treme Terra, “Música Popular do Nordeste 4” LP
403.5004 / 1973 Discos Marcus Pereira

09. “Esquenta Mulher” (Sebastião Biano)
Bandinha de Pífano, “Zabumba Caruaru” LP
104233 / 1972 CBS Entré

10. “Xeêm” (José Clementino, Luiz Gonzaga)
Camarão, “A Bandinha do Camarão” LP
CALB-5171 / 1969 RCA Camden

11. “Ritmo”
Sadao Watanabe, “Sadao Meets Brazilian Friends” LP
XMS-10003-CT / 1968 Columbia Takt Jazz Series

12. “Naturalmente” (Caetano Veloso, João Donato)
Fafá de Belém, “Êmoriô / Naturalmente” 7” Single
2171138 / 1975 Polydor

13. “A Gira” (Beto Scala, Umberto Silva)
Trio Ternura, “A Gira / Last Tango In Paris” 7” Single
2171075 / 1973 Polydor

14. “Batá-Cotô” (Hélio Rocha Filho, Paulo Sales Galvão)
Free-Son, “Banguelê” LP
SFC 371.001 / 1972 Solar Fidelity

15. “Baianá” (Maria do Carmo Barbosa de Melo)
Barbatuques, “Brasingles Vol. 2” 12” Maxi-Single
OMSD004 / 2018 Selva Discos

16. “Boa Noite (Tahira Rework)” (Traditional)
Baianas de Ipioca / Maceió / Alagoas, “Baianas / Alagoas – Documentário Sonoro do Folclore Brasileiro Nº 21” 7” EP
CDFB-021 / 1977 Funarte

17. “Cavalinho Cavalão (Tahira Edit)” (Sebastião Biano)
Banda de Pífanos de Caruaru, “Batuki / Cavalinho Cavalão” 12″ EP
TJ001 / 2016 Tiff’s Joints

18. “O Galho da Roseira (The Branches Of The Rose Tree) Part II” (Paschoal José da Costa, Vergelina Eulália de Oliveira)
Airto, “Seeds On The Ground – The Natural Sounds Of Airto” LP
BDS-5085 / 1971 Buddah Records

19. “Selim” (Hermeto Pascoal)
Miles Davis, “Live-Evil” LP
G 30954 / 1971 Columbia

20. “Sim” (Cartola, Oswaldo Martins)
Cartola, “Cartola”
MPL 9302 / 1975 Discos Marcus Pereira

Link: Tell Me I’m Dreaming

THG X Noods 1-800-Dubplate Special W/ Dexta And Sicknote (September 2019)

Chris Dexta (Diffrent Music) and Lewis Joyce (Sicknote) take over the Two Hungry Ghosts show with 60 minutes of freshly cut dubplates.

No strangers to the drum and bass community the pair have recently set up 1-800-Dubplate to offer affordable one off lathe cuts and small vinyl runs out of South East London.

The show features the pair spinning various jungle and downtempo tracks they have recently cut for producers and independent labels demonstrating why they are fast becoming an integral part of the drum and bass/boutique label scene.

You can contact the guys via the website where you can also order your very own dubplate/s.


THG X Noods 1-800 Dubplate Special W/ Dexta And Sicknote (September 2019)

Oliver Yorke – U No
Fthmlss – Aloe
Acid Lab – Old Memories
Howitzer – Primer
Justice & Sicknote – I’m Hype
Clyde Avery – Control
Desmond Dekker – Israelistes (Crate Classics Remix)
Lazy H – Counting Sheep
Dub Across Borders – Dua Margu
Dexta & Iliad – Popcorn Riddim
Lewis James – Response
Dyl – Interwind World Gate 1
Lazy H – Himishi
Acid Lab – In Control

Broadcast on Noods Radio 19/09/19 between 14:00-15:00.

Influences “Askel” none60

To celebrate the release of “Glass Hands/Saboteur” by Askel on none60 we asked the Finland artist for a rundown of five tracks that have helped shape his sound.

While the scientific approach of Photek seems to have had a big influence on this release, with its clinical drums and fascinating interplay of electronic and double bass its also refreshing to see Ydinperhe being hailed as a contributing factor to the producers style with their raw, political and energetic edge.


Photek – The Seven Samurai (Photek Remix)

Photek’s early work is just mind blowingly good – especially the drum work that’s still incredibly impressive. There are too many amazing tracks to choose from, but I landed on this one because I… uh, borrowed the ride pattern from it on my tune “Glass Hands”.

Little Dragon – After The Rain

Little Dragon’s debut album is easily one of my most listened to records of all time. I don’t understand much about jazz (or about music theory in general, even) but this cheeky mix of jazz/soul/electronic music hits me somewhere any other music can’t.

Alix Perez Featuring Adeus – Over You

I wanted to mostly pick my longest standing influences but my current favourite, Alix Perez, has been killing it so hard lately I couldn’t not include him. I try not to take direct influences from within the genre, but Alix’s work rate and level of technical prowess are really admirable. Some of the tightest drum programming out there right now, and how does he make those basses so wide and still make them work?

Ydinperhe – Älä tee mitä pitää

I think all art is inherently political, and artists’ opinions shouldn’t be separated from the art. I don’t get to show that much in dnb, but I used to play drums in some punk bands and I still listen to a lot of punk. This song is off one of my favourite Finnish albums from last year. The title translates to “don’t do what you’re supposed to”.

Marcus Intalex – Steady

I reference Marcus’s tunes a lot when producing. He nailed everything from sound design to grooves and especially arrangements; he always knew exactly how long each part should be (usually much longer than I’d dare to make them). Masterful. RIP.

Glass Hands/Saboteur” by Askel is now available to buy direct from the none60 Bandcamp as well as all good digital outlets.


Sonar’s Ghost – The Birth Of UK Amenery [1990-1992] (Mixtape)

The third and final part in a series of mixtapes featuring influential breakbeat tracks that helped form the foundation of drum and bass.

In this selection, Sonar’s Ghost mixes key tracks featuring the amen drum break produced between 1990-92 (with the exception of the final track “King Of The Beats”, made by US hip hop producer Mantronix in 1989).

The mix covers britcore, breakbeat, prototype jungle and hardcore.

Sonar’s Ghost – The Birth Of UK Amenery [1990-1992] (Mixtape) Tracklist

Side A

Shut Up and Dance – Rest In (Peace Intro)
Dominant Force – Taking Over Ragga Hip Hop
Dominant Force – Criminal
Killa Instinct – Bambi Murders (Instrumental)
Silver Bullet – Never Authorize Apocalypse
First Frontal Assault – Atomic Air Raid (Drum Raid)
Shut Up And Dance – Derek Went Mad
Rhythm Section – Check Out The Bass
Demon Boyz – Jungle Dett
Rebel MC – Comin’ On Strong (Rum And Black Remix)
Altern8 – Re-Indulge
Automation – Espionage
Stu J – Gadget
World Dominance – Compression
Noise Factory – The Dungeon

Side B

Sonic Experience – M.T.S
Lennie De Ice – We Are I.E
Break The Limits – Paranoize
Smooth But Hazardous – Made U Dance
Carl Cox – Let The Bass Kick
Armageddon Featuring Ray Keith – News At Ten (Wackad Mix)
Doc Scott – NHS (Midday Mix)
Egyptian Empire – The Horn Track (Foghorn Mix)
Cloud 9 – Return Of The Donut
Wot’s My Code – The Dubplate
Nasty Habits – Dark Angel
Rufige Kru – Menace
Dominant Force – Taking Over Ragga Hip Hop
Mantronix – King Of The Beats

Soundcloud: Sonar’s Ghost

Two Hungry Ghosts Chart (September 2019)

Two Hungry Ghosts Chart (September 2019)

Dave Wallace – Dave Wallace EP (Forthcoming Subtitles)
Infest – Little Spinner (???)
Rhythm And Sound – Music A Fe Rule [Sun People Edit] (???)
Om Unit And Djrum – Ruins (Cosmic Bridge)
Subminimal – Sync (Forthcoming One.Seventy)
Askel – Saboteur (Forthcoming none60)
Hathor Featuring Sotus – The Lurker EP (Exkursions)
Nekyia – White Sky Nicotine Lips (Forthcoming re:st)
Champion Sound – Talk (Forthcoming Defrostatica)
Sun People – Stumble And Grow (Forthcoming Through These Eyes)

Bonus Ten (Non DnB)

Gin Tonic Orchestra – Hands On The Drums [Kaidi Tatham Remix] (Mother Tongue)
EVM128 Featuring Renato Paris – Changes [Live Version] (Studio Rockers)
Omar Featuring Terri Walker – Pass It On (Freestyle Records)
Emotional Ty – Riding Low (EMTY)
Stavrogin – Echo Ins (WNCL Recordings)
LCP – Bedroom Raver (Forthcoming re:st)
Burland – Agbekor (Forthcoming Mawimbi Records)
Dream Cycle – Told You/Long Time (Sneaker Social Club)
Koma Tema – Petter Eldh (We Jazz)
Cecil Hotel – Lotus (Flexout Audio)

Compiled by Dave Sector

Exclusive Premiere: Ghost Warrior – Seven Gates (One.Seventy)

It’s an exciting time for those that are into the more experimental side of drum and bass, if you know where to look the diversity of styles and sounds currently on offer is breathtaking. While a “revival” of the 90s sound continues to dominate the headlines and new release schedule there’s a crew of producers that represent the most important aspect of that golden era while sounding nothing like it… A desire to explore new techniques and create a new style of music.

One.Seventy are at the forefront of this movement. Think what Speed was to the atmospheric sound, Swerve to the rise of liquid and how the Metalheadz Blue Note sessions were a wild and competitive testing ground for new dubs. One.Seventy is the modern-day equivalent of those iconic nights that changed the scene forever.

Their night takes place at Rye Wax, a record and zine shop, restaurant, bar and nightclub in Peckham, London. The ideal location for this hotbed of creativity to grow and a perfect spot for producers, DJ’s and label bosses to meet up to hear forthcoming material, new sonic experiments and prototype dubplates. Alexander and Rob, the names behind One.Seventy, are now preparing to launch a label of their own to further serve this passionate community.

This new era launches with a ten-track compilation titled “Permissions” featuring groundbreaking and diverse sounds from pioneers of the scene Books, DB1, Ghost Warrior, Projekt 22, Dyl, Lcp, Subminimal, Tobe:n, DAAT and Rudio.

“Seven Gates” by Ghost Warrior is futuristic, intricate and deep. The kind of style that most club DJ’s would shy away from but defines the progressive nature of the club and the dancefloor at One.Seventy. An extension of the Photek style featured on the “Modus Operandi” LP, Ghost Warrior further builds on this once cutting edge sound to craft a track that is both haunting and mysterious which manages to be both nostalgic and forward-thinking at the same time.

“Permissions” is essential listening for anyone interested in the ethos of One.Seventy or those that crave to see just how far the definition of drum and bass can be stretched.

There is no doubt in my mind that the producers featured here are the architects of a sound that is both exciting and progressive, proof that contemporary drum and bass can still be original and radical.

The album is released on 20th September 2019 and will be available from most major digital retailers.

Pre-order: Beatport
Soundcloud: One.Seventy


Influences “Jem One” Metalheadz

To celebrate the release of the “Transpose EP” on Metalheadz, as part of the XX series, we asked Jem One to provide a list of influential tunes that have helped form his own twisted take on DnB.

A heavy hitting and dark sound runs through the “Transpose EP”, going for the jugular from the start with its no-nonsense approach, from the mechanical drone bassline on “Lotus” to the jagged 90’s stabs on “The Hardcore” the release is tough and twisted.

The “Transpose EP” is available now via the Metalheadz Bandcamp store.


Public Enemy – Rebel Without A Pause

Raw! This track brings back memories from my graff days. I remember being with Goldie and others in a post graff jam at the Wolverhampton Civic Hall around 1988 brockin’ out to this. He’d just come back from the States and was like a graff God to us all.

Kariya – Let Me Love You For Tonight

My whole foundation is built upon the early rave scene. That b-line, the lazy snare, the keys and that vocal. This was more than just music, it was a pure spiritual experience.

Goldie – Inner City Life / Timeless

Absolutely timeless in form and function. There are no words for this album. I remember visiting a mate in London for a few days when this came out. As he was at work during the day I spent days walking around Shepard’s Bush with this on my headphones. I can honestly say it changed my life.

Dillinja – Threshold

That bass man! The step, the vibe… absolutely lethal. This has had a massive influence on my headspace when writing music.

Grieg – In the Hall of the Mountain King

Bit of an obscure choice this one. However, the power and textures of the horns, the taiko drums and the strings, towards the end of the piece just kill me. When I listen to this piece of music something stirs deep within me. The feeling on an emotional level that is created, comes somewhere close to the feeling that I have within when writing my heavier tracks.

The “Transpose EP” by Jem One is available to buy on both vinyl and digital formats direct from the Metalheadz store and their Bandcamp.