Exclusive Premiere: Black Barrel – Lost Meaning (Metalheadz)

25 years old and Metalheadz continue to release solid records by the scenes finest while also helping less established producers get heard by a wider audience on their Platinum imprint. It’s been a wild few months with releases coming thick and fast on both labels, notable highlights being the massive “Vanta Black” by Benny L, the return of Amit to Headz with his “Naked Fuse EP” and the ominous “Black Lotus” by Gremlinz and Jesta on Metalheadz Platinum.

For this latest release in the Headz discography “The Elevate EP” sees Black Barrel make his label debut delivering four strong cuts of first-rate futurism. Of the four, “Elevate With Me” is the more instant of the tracks, aided by vocals from KSR and pads that sound like they could have been composed by Vangelis. Black Barrel has managed to take the vintage Headz sound and fuse it with his own, a perfect combination that is fresh and retrospective.

Similar to Blame and the 720 Degrees sound of the late 90s these are dense electronic soundscapes, so intricate and rich they could be taken apart and studied to uncover several layers of drum and bass history. Beats are scientific and calculated yet incredibly soulful. Chord progressions craft intergalactic mysteries that are ambiguous yet uplifting. A sedate and rewarding otherworldly experience akin to drifting among stars, most notable on the three instrumental tracks where thick cosmic dust glows with abundance.

Second to none sci-fi from Metalheadz, a jewel in their crown and another sign that while some labels from yesteryear focus on reissues and back catalogue, Headz still have their eyes firmly set on the future.

“The Elevate EP” is out now via both the Metalheadz website and Bandcamp. It can also be pre-ordered from major online retailers at the below link.

Pre-order: Link

Buy Now: Metalheadz Bandcamp

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