THG X Noods W/ Sonar’s Ghost And Coco Bryce Downtempo Special (July 2019)

To celebrate the release of “Coco And The Ghost” on 7th Storey Projects we invited the pair to craft a thirty minute each for the show. Typically, they both wanted to do something different for this edition so for the first time check out a Two Hungry Ghosts downtempo special (basically, anything less than 160 BPM).

First thirty minutes are mixed by Sonar’s Ghost and the second by Coco Bryce.

Expect an hour of Jazz, weird Hip-Hop and alternative RnB… Oh, plus some wonky House and wobbly Techno.

Shouts to Mr The Beef for the artwork!

Buy: Coco And The Ghost

Two Hungry Ghosts – Noods Radio (July 2019)

Sonar’s Ghost – Downtempo Mix

Les Dunes D’Ostende – Francois de Roubaix
Yusseff Dayes – Blacked Out
Nuff Pedals – Hang Glide
Arttu Jerry The Cat – Get Up Off It Dexter Remix
Gupi – Dance Alone
Moses Boyd – Rye Lane Shuffle
Da True B-Boy descendent – Blue Nile
Cleo Sol – One
Man and the Echo – Capable Man
Todd Rundgren – Flamingo
Raven – Feeler
O’Flynn – Pluto’s Beating Heart

Coco Bryce – Downtempo Mix

Rhytual – Unsung
Salted Slugs – Tie Dye Mutant Dog Boy
SZA – Broken Clocks
Arlo Parks – I Like
Ssaliva – Sync Thrills
Lil Noid – Paranoid Funk
James Ferraro – Suki Girlz 2
Abra – Vegas
Serengeti – Long Ears
Motëm – Dutty Flute Jam

Broadcast on Noods Radio 18/07/19 between 14:00-15:00.

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