Exclusive Premiere: Justice And Metro – The Hump [Coco Bryce Edit] (MJAZZ)

Coco Bryce gives “The Hump” by Justice And Metro the edit treatment, taken from the “Special Projects EP” available on MJAZZ Records.

The EP also features the original version of the track, a new composition by the duo and two remixes of earlier tracks by Justice And Metro chopped and reimagined by champions of old-school sounds Sicknote and Tim Reaper.

Sicknote takes “The Navigator” deeper into mysterious space territory injecting the distinctive bass line of the original with Venom-like attitude and adding twisted beats and sci-fi FX.

Tim Reaper adds his trademark amen style to “Moscow Calling”, heavy and chaotic yet retaining the character of the original this is drum and bass cranked up to eleven.

“The Hump” is an ode to early rave culture built around the famous drum break “Humpty Dump (Part 1) by The Vibrettes. Layered with MC and whistle samples the track is held together with a sub bassline that will instantly take you back to the 90s.

This four-track 12” is limited to only 100 copies, hand labelled by the artists and housed in a reversed cardboard grey sleeve.

Buy: https://modernurbanjazz.bandcamp.com

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